Thursday, January 13, 2011


create websites, to solve EVERY problem that exists in humanity that people face.

my contribution to the world is these journals
is these websites
if i die i can die happy if people share this

share this book with the world if i die
this is how i will share it
solving every problems
the recession is not a problem of itself,  we need to identify problems we can change.
i believe if we can have everyone operate at their top potential
and act without fear
we can have a much more prominent society
i was recessed
thats why we have a recession
i was full of fear
thats all a recession is

these are the hundreds of sites i will create.

my personal growth success website
more joy more success in your life
20 minutes keep writing
my purpose of life is
fml styled website
put a problem
get hundreds of solutions from strangers

really adding value

listen to my parents
and central figures
feed off their support
next fundraising condition
set off domino effects of love
change the world
my goals should be to change the world
set off domino effects of love
and restore money to god
work on my site
keep my site
work on my site
to continue my growth as well
and to help others
with personal growth
more joy more success in life
dont believe anything i say
if u like what im saying
try it out and apply it in your life
but this website is here to help you
find the things you dont learn in school
how to find joy and success
in whatever you do
be more confident
ive grown so much on nga
created so much content
in my notebooks
i will keep growing
keep creating content when i get home
i have my whole life
to keep promoting
and building
my site
commitment first relationships
i used to fear death because i didnt know my true self
but now i dont fear
i didnt find my heart
strive for presidency every year
if i dont strive for things ill never reach them
i will master internet marketing
and make money
like anything
practice practice practice
high spirited
whatever i do
do everything together
as a team
be the best student possible
sit in front of class
get this stuff done so i can work on my notes
list all priorities
this is the key to production
key to life
sort out your priorities
if u fear death something is wrong
it means u havent contributed to society
u havent made a big difference
u fear dieing until u know uve made a difference
u fear public speaking until u know u have something good to say
biggest fears
fear should not exist
believe it or not
i want to end fear
my life mission
affiliate all my sites will be a combination of all my sites
learn more at
where other motivational speakers
and inspiration people
have failed
i will succeed
i will invest my money
into my websites
invest my time and money into building these sites
its an investment
its my passion
its my mission
comfort zones expand
love over fear
allow my parents to offer me their financial freedom
they will support my web sites
work on my first 2 sites. then make money and create more and more sites.
solving problems, life pages, and ethan anderson
1. if your not growing your dieing
2. how u do anything is how u do everything
3. its not about the thing its all about the heart
4. the bigger the why the easier the how
INSTEAD of working part time in a job i hate
i will be working and investing into my websites
JAR changes your whole mindset about money
this is why it works
it forces you to change your mind to success
everyone should have many websites
this is the success of today
You never succeed in technology, business, or anything by following the others
contribute to society to the internet
to business
jar forces u to be creative
to succeed
how can i fail when i have my whole life to succeed
im so tight
i do what i want now
with no fear
not what people tell me
getting google adsense after i build a nice website with good content and good traffic
its pretty easy
create sites
apps work on that
im passionate about building websites
thinking of creative sites
and building them up
create some sites
and then work off that income.
my intention is to create successful internet sites
i will do W.I.T. to get there.
whatever it takes
create these sites for my schools and universities
the more money i make from sites
i can buy more and more domains and make more money
until my passive income streams are through the roof.
all from google adsense
millionaire mind
helped me find how to apply my passion
to succeed and earn money.
my parents will be so excited
when they hear im getting into web design
and will support me
as i create my sites
and make a lot of money.
remember will steins inbox
gave me hosting
mastering the internet
anyone can make money on the internet
ur product can reach the whole world
instead of just a small city
idk how they made money
i can reach the entire world
this is the future
business is no longer in real estate stocks or traditional things
its all online
thats why
online business is booming
dont give up
things get hardest before success
keep going
business is a lifelong journey
i cant drop out of college
until i have a successful business
jobs earn wages
businesses income has no ceiling
when i become a successful businessman
i will give advice
telling anyone who wants to be rich u gotta be in business
everyone needs to own at least one business
i learned more about business in one millionaire mind
then in 2 years of college
college creates job seekers
not business creators
there is no failure in business
only feedback.
Despite more than 10,000 failures, he stood by his dream until he made it a physical reality.
He said that every discarded idea took him one-step closer towards finding the idea that would work.
my fear of failure was so great i never tried anything
this is what i want to releive from all people
i will succeed in business
there is no failure
i will succeed in fundraising
i will keep striving for 1000
until i make it
when  i give up
thats when its over
if i strive and really do my best
noone can blame the loser
only when the loser gives up
i will strive for 1000 and do my best
i will fail every day and ask myself
what can i learn from this?
how can i do better?
i tried my best
talked to everyone
need to improve how much i make
improve my spheel
experiment until i find one that works
the goal is making money
keep improving
until i can learn how to make more money
strive for 1000
i didnt strive
i went for 300
and didnt really beleive in it
just went out
internal goals
inspire people.
failure only comes
when u put deadlines
or number goals
 ive taken my journals online
to save paper
and for security
the internet is my vehicle
dont believe a word i say
this swebsite will give u more joy and mre success in life
how many of you want more joy and more success in your life?
for free?
this website is for you.
if it works for u good. just try out it or be inspired by what im saying.
i want to teach u things u dont learn in school
joy and success.
which are the most important things anyway. but dont believe me.
read and see what happens
if it inspires u
try it out in your life
its here for you
and its free
i do ask for donations if u feel like
ive earned it
The temptation to quit will be greatest just before you are about to succeed
by talking to anyone i can break their concepts
and lead them to success
fill your life with passionate successful people
if u want to be happy and successful
millionaire mind is like applied nga
find your purpose
change your life
its inside you
my life mission
help people find their purpose
"mission from god"
purpose in life.
lookin back at my old notes
how i got here
and how i can apply these ideas in my daily life
my personality doesnt change
just my concepts
its all about breaking concepts
thinking your shy is a concept
2nd gen we have a lot of potential
but if u are influenced by the fallen world u will lose it
everyone has this same potential.
as children of god
we need more success
true father is very successful
we need to have the same success
as 2nd gen
start a revolution of happiness
change your financial blueprint
successful people create their success
its something inside them
its all mental
my blueprint was 7.50 an hour
thats how much i offered
im the same person
but now my blueprint is gonna be so much bigger
because i add more value
u cant force annything all  u can do is build ur own content and see how its received
not well?
then get better content
i love my creative mood
food means nothing
i have to keep writing
build afriCA CONTENT
i have so many notebooks
i will build hours of content
so fun
cant even stop to eat
gotta talk
gotta write
gotta build
for africa
what i wanan teach
uise my notebooks
use my mind
create all original
solve all problems of the world
create success
stay inspired.
 the most judged people are the most self judged
i dont judge anyone im the least judgemental person
i have an answer for everything
i do know everything
im always learning and growing
i have an answer for problems
but im learning and growing
solving new and bigger problems
every day
bring this mindset
this success to everyone
in my own way
this is my websites
this is my life
this is my purpose
bring success and happiness to others
everyone has the same experience.
but everyone has their own unique experiences
everyone gets something unique out of it
fundraising is about breaking concepts
why do fundraising
we can do millionaire mind
some ppl dont get it
more fundraising
return to childlike mind
return to baby mind
where u have no concepts
and anything is possible
this is how u truely live
ok this all sounds great
but now i will teach u how to unlock your passion and
release your fears
age of greed is passing
age of fulfillment is coming
i will bring it along the way.
no excuses.
fight against all odds for what i want
 convert all my content into talks
convert all my talks in africa talks
instead of a book im gonna work on a website
eventually come out with a book too
everyone can have passion in any situation
its an internal thing
i know so little
but i know more than some
keep writing keep reading from successful people
keep writing and have many quotes and be successful
facebook app
life app.
inspire people to work on things
work on levelling up in the skills you wanna learn.
Walt Disney had a reporter crawl into bed with him so he could share his vision for Disney World, six years before its completion. When Disney World finally opened, another reporter commented to Walt's brother, Roy, "It's too bad Walt did not live to see this." Roy replied, "Walt saw it first. That’s why we are seeing it now." Clear goals allow you to achieve the first half of H.L. Hunt's success formula. By deciding exactly what you want to accomplish, committing it to writing, and reviewing it on a daily basis, you bring your goals into reality with the power of your focus.

ethansfreejournal other blogspot gmail acc
write everything in these journals when i have a computer
when i dont
use notebooks and pens

the more original content you create, the more successful you will be.
the ethan parts are ending
im taking all my content online to save paper
and for security
im unique all my content will help others
people who can relate to me
u contribute to this movement
contribute to the world
not feed off it.
when i write this online
it becomes real
its on the internet
i have to carry it out
i dont want to be involved in politics i really dont
but i want to clean it up.
by creating my websites and journals i can go back and see how i thought back then
and how i can learn and grow and gain insights by looking back.
i dont preach a religion i teach a way of life
i teach happiness
this world is not as it should be
this is why we need to fix it
and live with passion
i realize now i was not in touch with my creativity
i was stressed out to do things because i didnt know myself or what i believed
as a result i was shy and unsuccessful in life.
my blueprint has changed however.
my whole viewpoint on my life and the world has changed and the church
what am i really willing to share
thats what i really believe
by completing these original works of character education i will know what i really believe
and want to share with people in africa
i am prepared to go to the spirit world at any time
or stay on earth
wherever i am needed
a revolution starts with one man
completely dedicated to god
who is unwavering
omg i almost lost a part of my soul
a weeks worth of content
from my ipod
that was mad scary
i need everything online
everything backed up
everything freely available to the world
i work with passion nonstop for these 2 weeks
because i want to make the biggest difference in africa
do my best job possible.
purpose of life is the most important question to answer
because purpose is everything.
and life is life. everyone has their own unique person
because everyone is a unique person.
i have so much content
get it all out
share it all with the world
all original
all inspirational, all good.
want to be famous one day and have all my quotes be available.
find quotes that could fit with any person
more content the more people ican appeal to
speeches and speeches content and content
dont talk about what uve done or what you will do
go out and do it
striving for greatness and helping the world will teach me many things about overcoming failure
im creating all this great content to inspire people
the more content i can create
the more creative i am the better
the wider audience i can reach
the more peoples lives i can change
the more traffic i can have
the more content the better
all ranges all types of content
who can help any person change their life
find more joy and more success more money
and more freedom and less fear
always be creating more and more content
dont ever stop
dont ever say i have all i need
the content just comes out anyway
i cant stop the flow
i want to carry this through my entire life
use all my content already created for africa
my content is invaluable. millionaire mind.
not only will i make sure my growth stays with me after nga
i will keep growing even more
and having even more fun with my own freedom
and keep creating content
keep blogging and creating my websites
fundraise for domain money
love is just a force. theres true love and self centered false love
i can turn every experieence into content to help others grow and learn
and teach principle
this is how i will teach principle to the whole world.
inspire everyone and create a more heavenly world
enter the mind of another person
here u go
life is about believing in yourself
but not trusting yourself
knowing you know nothing
but some things take that away
its what u know thats wrong thats worse then what u dont know
on my path to success i will face many challenges and i will document it all for my readers
going for success
lets see where i end up
we go to those quantam leaps for the experience for the family communty
in spirit world i will be able to create music, play games all day
so fun
world hunger and war are primitive things.
they will not exist in the future
i can guarantee this.
these are the biggest problems facing society today
and they will be solved
create africa content with all my content
with my heart
these sites and blogs will be how i will inspire my generation to solve problems and create a better world.
i will become a world leader of my generation. a young guy dedicated to fixing this world. ending world hunger. i want to become the authority on what to do. in every situation. every big event that comes up i will write about it and what it means. this is my passion. blogging. web building. creating content.
inspiring people and helping them find more joy and more happiness.
teach commitment first relationships. think of other person as a daughter of god. play the field. find somone u feel like u would start a family with. dont do any kind of intimacy.
until u both commit u want to get married. its possible. its the way we were meant to be.
i can only speak from my experience
but i know i can help at least one person out there. because i know where i was and where i am now. full of fear to full of love and joy.
the more u pray and reflect the more clarity u have and the more power you gain to take action and be creative.
create a great site. use a real domain
ill put all those content up, im kinda scared people will see it, but on the other hand, i want people to visit my site, so its a win win situation. enter the mind of me. complete honesty. but i also want to inspire and change this world. which this info could do. my heart could do that. as well.
dont talk about religion in my blog. or anything polarizing. all my content should be able to inspire anyone who reads it. not just certain groups.
now all my growth is not just for me but for the whole world. this is how its meant to be.
by doing these blogs i learn what i really want to share and who i really am. wat really inspires me. i need to be able to share my deepest heart. share everything about me. no holding back.
remmeber the neck arrow activity anytime u feel fear.
i finally have the vehicle to share my growth and liberate people. the internet is magic. can inspire the masses easily.
goals of my websites: create more joy. change the internet. change the internet to a great inspired place.
nga has given me so much direction and purpose. totally changed my life 100%.
the more content i can create now, the more i will have to look back on, the easier everything else in life will be in the future. i gotta keep creating. this is my creativity. goodnight for now world but tomorrow im coming at u faster and harder. personal growth and development is my true passion and blogging about it. creating content is my passion. the more words i create the happier i feeel. my happiness no longer depends on who im with. but who i am. the internet connects me to the content when fundraising and even prepare for africa. fundraising was real i lived in vans for weeks at a time raising funds all day. first condition and super challenge. my blog. harshly honest but its a truth people need. for happier lives. the more content i create now more problems i can solve more people i can make happy and more money i can make. 
my problem solving. i will be solving problems. of uninspired people. and unsuccessful people. by solving this problem i believe i will impact the recession. and improve the economy. we make up the economy. dont mention religion in there except all religions need to love one another thats what religion is all about. not about saying your better than others. this has no place in religion.
the universe works in inverse principle. u receive money or wealth by how much value u offer the world.
america was such a land of freedom and joy no fear thats why its wealth became so great.


inspire interested people. external goal 150.
ill rebirth success in the movement with better money advice real world advice.
i know my roots. true father is responsible for matching my parents and he created everything good i love in the world
i was uncomfortable speaking because i wasnt totally sure of what i was saying that ends today.
confidence works. use character ed books. true father is very creative he tries many things to bring better world says many things started a movement and a church were both actually.
the world needs problem solvers and the world pays for problem solvers.
create new original talks with my original quotes for africa and discussion and journaling questions.
you dont need anything to succeed but yourself and your own creativity. and you have your whole life to succeed.
everyone needs to be in business part time at least to solve problems and earn money. this is our economy.
i had the feelings but it means nothing unless i can share it with others thats the next step. that makes it real.
all my talks, overcome fear, unlock craetivity solve problems. be successful find your purpose creative websites co creator with god. we create our world.
before when fundraising i didnt know what to say now i do. this changes everything.
because this world has problems, you wont be happy until you are actively seeking solutions.
i honor my commitments, even when i think i could be doing something better .
i will start and run many businesses. improve everything. and my websites. my blueprint is through the roof and i will guide others. ths changes everything.
my purpose: create a world of successful, creative problem solvers to create a joyful world. this is my vision. anyone can be a problem solver in any situation. create a peaceful joyful world. not a fear filled unhappy world . the bigger why the easier the how.
millionaire mind is great beacuse it is steps. real world examples. growth isnt magical its real in heart and mind. and its step by step.
entrepreneur online selling myself. i love selling myself. my ideas. solving world problems. be creative with my main and other websites.
anyone can be great.
i wouldnt have been in the space to receive in the millionaire mind without growing my heart.
there is something i can offer the world my movement, my heart. not my church.
people all have their own church.their own places. their own religion.
find your purpose change your life. top banner.
by uniting americans hearts i will unite politics. they will unite with my heart.
i am the hope and strength of god, the last hope of the world.
god and the universe.
dont talk about what you have done or what you will do in the future. go out and do it. do new things.
i was waiting for success to happen to me but successful people create their own success. lottery winners cant handle the success they didnt earn it they always go back to where they are comfortable. we always go to where our comfort zone is. same in the spirit world. we always go where we are comfortable. this is true in the spirit world and the real world. better to be comfortably miserable, than risk being happy.
i have my whole life to create and to solve problems. for now i will honor my commitments. and have fun and solve problems along the way.
altruism is solving problems and overcoming fear. anyone at any level can do it. i dont know what problems you guys face but you can solve them. be a leader yes. practice talks.
never compare thinking you are happier than others, this is wrong thinking.
everyone needs to be in business or you are so limited.
business is not a one time thing for success or failure. its a lifelong path of growth and learning.
your offering to the world.
nga saved my life i was so uncreative. i dreaded speaking and giving talks. and writing essays. but now i love it. writing is my passion. im in touch with myself thank you nga. i can finally share my deepest heart with others in a practical positive way thank you millionaire mind and nga.
create online businesses websites what is failure? it doesnt exist actually.
my potential for money expands day by day. money is exchanging value.break from your life but honor your commitments, dont quit ur day job until your business is a success. change the world.
this world isnt right we need problem solvers thats all pretty good content my old notebooks but mainly thats what got me here. im finally comfortable in my own skin. wherever im at and can share these deep realizations with anyone because i know anyone can apply them and succeed in life. im comfortable sharing my humor. i need to expand my comfort zone so everything in life is comfortable. i dont want to be president unless the people really want me. dont talk about what you will do or what uve done, only what you are currently doing.
i didnt share my deepest heart because i didnt know if it could work monetarily as well as happiness. but now i  know. before you wouldnt make money and not everyone could do it. thats why i never wanted to share. that time is over.
the more in touch you are with your true self, the more content rushes out of you. because you are solving problems .
it would be a huge loss if i died for the physical world, but i would just work hard on the spiritual side with father.
i plead the 5th on controversial topics. my answer is we are one family.
we need to stop doing essays on controversial topics. this kills creativity. we need to do them on solving problems in our world. this would change everything.
millionaire mind is great its a real application of principle.
focus on what unites us not divides us.
i will be a powerful force for good online and offline.
i want to unite american politics.
success is all the in the mind and in the heart. solving problems
problem solving app spot site. start it up. if i can put adds on it.
business is not a scary thing u dont have to risk your life savings or anything at all for that matter. online business is so easy. thats where our economy is shifting too. our economy was based on real state and exploring but now its all online. our economy is shifting.
nay sayers will try to bring you down. people with concepts will break you down. but chances are they are not successful. a successful person would always encourage and believe in you. i was thinking about solving the recession and i solved it. i need to get my message out.
i found lasting joy and inspiration. through any cirucmstance. and financial success.
i want to be comfortable giving talks and speeches. in any situation. do lesson plans from the book and work on my own.
creativity s down. send this essay to wall street. my generation is full of fear. there are few people getting into business. believing in success and striving to achieve. our schools are bringing us down, our culture is bringing us down.
fundraising is me and god time. so much prayer so many realizations. its like a long constant prayer all day.
everyone needs to be in business at least part time. turn this economy around. our nation is losing its creativity. we need to change our concepts about business. we are losing our belief in ourselves to achieve. we have lost our spirit as a nation of problem solvers we have became a nation of problem avoiders.
my purpose: rid this world of fear, violence, poverty
 follow your heart. dont limit yourself. change the world
i cant wait to go back to work i finally found my true heart. what im not afriad to share. look out world. lets take this economy on our back. and turn it around. it starts today.
the time of doubt is over. i used to have doubts all the time but its over now. ive unlocked the keys. millionaire mind opened the way. doubt is over. success lies ahead.


 public speaking must be in my comfort zone. i wanna have fun in africa. teach what i want. business fear, creativity, integrity and altruism.
success for religious people. success and religion. pavlina is anti religion. i believe in success and religon are very important.
i was being so drive by my fear of failure. i didnt want to do anything to risk my comfort.
when i fear something i need to do it to grow my comfort zone. i want success to be in my comfort zone.
if  u get a job u are limited by ur wage. businesses have no limit. parents create foundation for kids success. continous improval.i always had such a fear i wouldnt be able to make money. sorry thats gone for good now. millionaire mind is amazing. teach this in africa.
create ethans laws. that can cause success and achievement. my roots were based in fear of failure.
i was inconsistent. now im solid.
millionaire mind in africa.dont want to withhold anything i know.
make my websites and my money during college. make a 100k before i graduate.
this is my goal. listen to techno, my creative music, while creating my sites. dont need music but its fun.
everyone always does and goes what is comfortable.
creating children is the best thing in the world. creating eternal life.
my biggest fear was always not being able to support my family. but food stamps end that. america ends that. we can support anyone with food. but i can keep my businesses going and keep my day job going.
if you are running several businesses, you will be recognized in your business skills and creativity and it will be easy for you to find a job. i can only speak from my experience but i can educate others.
you gain real joy from being  a great person feeling love solving problems in the world. drinking alcohol gives you a fake temporary high. you shouldnt need that. that does nothing to contribute to society. it emphasizes laziness. we are lazy unmotivated. world war 2 sparked our interest to get us out of the recession, it brought out the best of our creativity. but now we are unmotivated again. the passion is gone.
my goals were get a good job in something. not really knowing. i had no goals. except good grades and get a degree. thats not a real goal. thats just a means. a degree is a means. what u use it for thats what matters.
never talk about openly what you will do in the future, or what u have done. only what you are doing now. thats what counts. i love learning about all countries now. so cool. is it really a job if u dont enjoy it? u should be enjoying what you do. people always remain in the comfort zone. you try to read things, but it wont help. your level of awareness is not that high. it takes personal growth to get there. nga given me such a head start.
i have experienced a life time of growth in one year. and now i have a whole life to live out. growing my comfort zone so much. your comfort zone equals your money zone. teach millionaire mind in africa.
we need that passion back to succeed. planning an africa trip and teaching children is now in my comfort zone. i want to expand your comfort zone, only then can you be more successful. gain this passion for success back if we want to end this recession.millionaire mind in rwanda.

phone notes: 11/14
i create eternal words on the internet.
start a movement.
ending heartbreak. solving all problems. known to man. optimize optimize optimize. page rank. content, u got this bro.
learn and create content in every situation. learn.
im so confident now because ive stepped out of my comfort zone.
my comfort zone expands and everything else i do expands.
failure is NEVER bad. always learn from your failures and keep going.
create a cool site. index it well. tons of good content. make my first 100.
if im having fun with it thats all that matters. dont wanna do work i dont enjoy.
if i really need to i can fundraise. part time for money. or get a job. but i will always be working on my site.
dont follow me start your own movement. change the world in your own way.

everything is all attitude and perception.
make it real. everything i teach needs real world applications.
set up jars.

comp notes: ethan face challenges every day. keep that passion. how much im solving problems and adding value to other peoples lives in direct proportion to how much money i make. website user generated content solving each others problems. intention equals manifestation. i can add so much value to peoples lives. get it started. save so many people. free their hearts. its real. teach principle make a lot of money. people havent completed the job. i will. take my inspiration to the web. everyone else has not done it. its my job to do it. inspire everyone for passion. what u do doesnt matter. passion for life is what matters. solving problems. what i will unlock. its not about the thing its about the heart. passionate heart. purpose of life adding value to people living with passion. be my own inspiration. my intention is to make 100,000 online. prayer is clarity. i will never work a job i dont enjoy again. ancestors when u put ur effort into them it can really inspire and help their spirit. ancestors liberation is just a thing. this is my choice. never say cant. what was holding me back was i didnt think passion was possible for everyone. but now i know it is. and its my job to help them. if they want it. millionaire mind is like applied nga. applied principles. pray pray pray some more prayer can get you thorugh anything. prayer leads to action. users solving each others problems. multiple level marketing is full of peolpe who are trying to succeed in business without adding any value. start and work on online businesses and think of sites when i get home. for now focus on rwanda and africa. i know from experience because i was a guy who tried to gain money from multi level marketing but i didnt really try to offer my value i just wanted to make money.
end comp notes.

my journals and blogs will keep me passionate keep me strong when i get home. when i forget things. in impossible situations.get many others to help me.
complete positivity in everything i do
finish my lesson plans so i can update my journals.
get this content out and safe.
altruism. journal for 20 minutes about what you want to do with your life to help others. keep writing until u feel a strong emotion for your answer. just keep the pen going for the whole time. at least 20 minutes. u can finish later. end up with your own unique sentence that when you read it you feel strongly about it. steve pavlina genius. work with him. but im different. many great peolpe will want to help me when i talk about my plans. not about starting a religion. pray for calirty for details. everyone can have this heart. jump into it.
its all about the heart. ending fear. everything else is just details.
dont lose sight of my mission. my purpose. no matter what.
people will try to bring me down. but they are unsuccessful.
how to find your purpose? only you know. go journal until u cry or feel it, then come back to me.
with all the knowledge i have its great to look back on my old notes. and see whats good and whats not good.
i need to be willing to share my thoughts with others. time solves all problems. lets working together to speed up the process. have this heart.  how to make money as well.
inspiring message from anonymous. work on my website later. for now focus on africa.
what do i wanna share to these kids?
living without fear. your country is great. rwanda is getting better and better. lead the way. pray and reflect on what to talk about. brainstorm.
time solves all problems. gods providence.age of settlement.
africa, sharing our ideas will make it real. our faith real. this is where things get real. teaching others.
my niche for personal growth is unqiue. and will appeal to a different group of people and will be successful. different crowds. yes! write much content when i get home. my blog will be successful i will keep working on it until it is.
life pages web site. jorunal about my purpose. this could change everything.
in achieving financial success its the qualities u earn that are the prize. the money is just the icing on the cake.
freedom to fail is necessary for success.grow your heart for spirit world and create eternal life. create children.
this is god. spirit world will be so amazing. i will lead a powerful life. change lives.
just write a speech. no one can write speeches like me. fundraising is too easy. i asked for a greater challenge here it is.

end of 11/12 phone notes.

dont learn from the people around you. learn and study from successful people.
this country is full of fear of failure. this is not what you want to be surrounded by.
make my website. professional site. sharing lots of good content i want to share.

my site will be good. for people like me. my type of people will find it great. and change their life.
build a community.

there is also so much missing from the internet i want to fill. once i have one money making site, i will use that revenue to open many more sites. we need to map the future of our nation. u need to map the future of your nation.
done with my notes now i can focus on africa.

our dream is to live in happiness in a perfect world. but there are many problems. the more problems i can solve the closer i can bring us to a more perfect world. i have incredible passion to solve the problems i see around me.
take many risks. be creative. taking risks is how you can improve your country and be successful. find ways to earn money. go into business.
school systems need to change. school is  not about memorizing facts. school has to be fun. its not about controversial topics. its about solving problems.
 i needed to kno the business and economic state of rwanda if i wanted to teach about business. i found an amazing article.
america is a great nation with less problems then others.rwanda has a big health problem. you guys need to solve the problems.

the world has many problems. the purpose of life is to solve them.

philosophy is not for job seekers. its for entrepreneurs. and it could change your life. its what you do with the degree. its not for people looking for job security.
business is for the tough.
dont try to fix people, try to fix problems.
i was trying to fix people. but i didnt know how. so i felt powerless. focus on fixing problems not people.
people always return to their comfort zone. unless they can find a new environment. my website and community will be that new environment for them.
low awareness  or high awareness?
listen to your parents not your peers. unless your peers are earning lots of money and happy.
your parents know what mistakes they made. they have more experience.
biggest problems i want to solve.
poverty, hunger, violence, war.
the why.
the how will be fun hahaha.
changing the world through personal transformation.
thats what i believe.
transforming people to be problem solvers.
then they go out into the world and make it better. do this for all 6 billion people. this is my vision.
my purpose: create a world of problem solvers. not problem avoiders.
wow i have so much to do. to create my site. create a world of  problem solvers. gonna be epic. baby.
put all my journals online. for safety and for fun.
i will not lose my journals i will protect them with my life. i know there is a lot of great content in there.
i can only speak from my experience. and how i changed my life to be more successful and more joyful in my career. i used to hate my work and it was part time for 7 dollars an hour. now im making ... i changed my financial blueprint. and also i enjoy what i do a whole lot more.
i want to be a job interviewer. be the one asking questions. why? because we are trying to find good workers. we ask you these questions because we want you to work hard for us. we need your skills and your work experience and referrals we want to hire a good worker. because we invest into your training.
omg just by talking to you for 2 minutes, i can know where you are headed financially. its because of your blueprint. how you think about success. and what your goals are. if your goals are to hope to get a job i know thats what youll do. if your goals are to start your own businesses, websites and receive passive income,and keep working on them its easy to see what you will do. i never wanted to learn important skills. critical thinking and public speaking. because these would have gotten me out of my comfort zone. hard. but the most valuable. i can tell if you will be rich or poor by hearing your mental programming about how you want to earn money. if you are like most people you are programmed to go to school and try to find a good job. i know you will make average money. i can tell how successful someone. will be by their fear of public speaking, and death. Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way.
the more you fear death and the more you fear public speaking, the less successful you will probably be. 
Most of the mistakes in thinking are inadequacies of perception rather than mistakes of logic.
An expert is someone who has succeeded in making decisions and judgements simpler through knowing what to pay attention to and what to ignore. Many highly intelligent people are poor thinkers. Many people of average intelligence are skilled thinkers. The power of a car is separate from the way the car is driven. edward de bono. concepts are valuable in their usefulness. Reason can only sort out perceptions, but the humor process is involved in changing them. Unhappiness is best defined as the difference between our talents and our expectations. Opportunity ideas do not lie around waiting to be discovered. Such ideas need to be produced.“Dealing with complexity is an inefficient and unnecessary waste of time, attention and mental energy. There is never any justification for things being complex when they could be simple. The need to be right all the time is the biggest bar to new ideas. In a sense, words are encyclopedias of ignorance because they freeze perceptions at one moment in history and then insist we continue to use these frozen perceptions when we should be doing better. To be successful you have to be lucky, or a little mad, or very talented, or find yourself in a rapid growth field. Creativity is a great motivator because it makes people interested in what they are doing. Creativity gives hope that there can be a worthwhile idea. Creativity gives the possibility of some sort of achievement to everyone. Creativity makes life more fun and more interesting. PERFECTION IS UNKNOWABLE. yet right infront of us. omg. i didnt have the awareness to understand this all. logical thinking is about thinking what works in the past. but the future we are moving forward. dont try to find certainty. im a mad scientist. if i prove that my ideas work, i will be different. truth is rejected. violently opposed. accepted as self evident. but first im mad. higher i strive the more i will accomplish. my goal is ending poverty, hunger and violence. if you never change your mind. why have one? lateral thinkig. successful people see obstacles as roads to be crossed. ending world hunger. this is my goal. everything on my path will be another roadblock i will overcome. lateral thinking lateral thinking.a spiritual and self growth path is more about unlearning, then learning. my purpose. solve as many of the worlds problems as i  can in my lifetime. my vision. create a world of problem solvers who can do it for me and make the biggest impact possible.
money isnt everything but its important. look at true father. he made billions. thats who we need to be. the spirit and money come hand in hand. we need spirituality and money. he got that money from being great in business. everything lies in subconcious. true father has the whole truth. people like harv eker and donald trump have the money truth.success in money. but not relationships. not love. only true father has both. this is how i know he is the messiah. if you only hung around father you would be the same success in relationships but not with money. but we grow up in a different world. fathers truth needs to be combined with millionaire mind, donald trump, other successful people thinking. to complete the whole life. the key is business. everyone needs to be in business. every 2nd gen needs to be in business. i had the success in my relationships, i learned that from true father. that heart. but the one i failed to learn is the business one. this one is harder. some people make a lot of money but have bad relationships. i had bad relationships but didnt make much money. that may be due to the fact that i was in  school and not working. my jobs were part time. but who knows what would have happened to me after college. i was just looking for someone to maybe hire. this would not lead to success and i would have been stressed out every day i know this now. but i had great relationships. i was happy. i loved my friends so much. but i didnt have great relationships with everyone i was with. only my friends. this i have improved on. now i have good relations with everyone i meet. and my business sense is through the roof. i will be making a lot of money. this is what i want to change in 2nd gen education. its about business. get in business now. dont wait for college. everyone needs to be in business. its a lifelong path a lifelong journey. every day you improve your business. get more people improve your product create more content advertise more. its a never ending thing. and it should be fun. you should love your business. you should be so inspired about it. i dont wanna should on you but i wanna encourage you to do this for your growth. i had pretty good relationships with my friends but not my family, and not everyone i met. so i improved on that. but my business sense was so low i was making very low money. decent money. but working part time at a place not offering much value to the world. this can be improved. i woulda improved it a bit getting a college degree but did i know what i wanted to do with my life? no. this is the biggest reason i did NGA. i wanted to know what to do with myself! and now i know. its all about businesses. im gonna have so many i cant even count. improve on everything . many websites, improving on everything. how can i improve things? because of my own personal growth. i know what works and what doesnt. what leads to sucess and what doesnt. my personal growth websites will be the most important. these will be my key.  my movements. and my businesses will be my businesses. i do want to study hard and get my degree. in business global politics because i wanna do business and globally. so this will be good for me. wow. 
get millionaire mind notes online. those are good. dont worry i wont lose them.we have so much potential. were not there yet. we have to earn it. millionaire mind tells you your success is in your own hands. and it is.
we have potential. but we arent there yet.i wanna get involved with zuckerberg. teach him what i know. help him implement that into facebook. about personal growth. where i was and where im at. this is how i know so much. facebook is the key . if we can change facebook we can change the education of the world. inspire people to be creative end their fears.lets make facebook open and honest.  have them put their deepest purpose in life on their. so we can change this world.lets change society. lets end peer pressure. lets do it now. ill help u im really united with your vision. write an email to zuckerberg. his blueprint is so large. his heart is so big. and his concepts are none. amazing. society is not right zuckerberg. lets change it. have people find their purpose. what they really want to do in life. not what they are programmed to do. lets change the educaiton. lets create problem solvers. not problem avoiders. lets create passionate people. make it a necessary thing. "what is your passion" dont let them leave til they write an answer for 20 minutes. what is your purpose. what problems do u want to solve in your family, community, nation and world. i really like the who inspires you facebook idea. your getting my ideas for improving facebook. your financial blueprint is how big of a problem solver you are. problem solvers enjoy their jobs more they are more successful. its all in the mindset. people are stuck in their minds. they have concepts that they cant create or achieve. i know because i was one. but i got out. i wanna teach this knowledge to you. millionaire mind. you have one. we need others to gain it. this is human evolution were talking about.
mr. zuckerberg. i am so united with your vision. i want to help you get there. i can match in you in blueprint and problem solving. i am destined to work with you know. i know because i feel it so strongly in my heart and because i write my destiny. i trust facebook in your hands. but i wanna help u get there faster. i know how to take facebook to the next level. i can now say with absolute confidence that i will change this world. i set my will with my parents just in case i die. but i know i wont. i have absolute strength and absolute ability. every africa lesson plan unite with this vision with this purpose. i lacked the knowledge to carry out my task. but now i know exactly how i want to do it. do every lesson plan on altruism but do this as the main focus. do comfort zones, money zones, everything. all about problem solving
my will. please publish my journals and promote this website. this has the key to changing this world. live with passion solve problems. 
i have one chance to go to africa and solve the problems there. i will teach about comfort zones, have everyone come up and do speech teeches 2 minute on any topic u choose. how many of you are uncomfortable in doing this? well i want to give you a secret to success in life. always growing your comfort zone and you will be more successful. there is a reason for this. if you are willing to do the things others are afraid to do and solve the problems others are afraid to confront you will be more successful and you will be able to help the world more and be a better leader. how big do you think the comfort zones of your leaders are? they are really big. so if you are umconfrortable that is good. i want to encourage you all to do it, to grow your comfort zone. that is the best thing you can do for your country. 
share my blogs share my journal. the more open and honest you are about yourself, the more power you gain. the more clarity you gain. if you keep everything to yourself you will never gain the clarity you need and the power to succeed. sharing your deepest heart gives you the most power. altruism skills. public speaking and problem solving. i will focus on these activites. it doesnt matter what situation you are in. how many of you want to be a leader? you need to grow your comfort zone. the bigger your comfort zone is the bigger leadership skills you will have. always be growing your comfort zone. that is the secret to being successful. if your not growing your dieing. the key to success is changing your heart and mind. never stop growing your heart and mind. its all attitude. doesnt matter where you are. use your creativity to solve all problems. keep solving new problems all day.i want to solve all problems. but i need to start with africa. take my altruism day. do all kinds of public speaking and problem solving and journaling and sharing. share what you journaled about. you can be right or you can be rich. take risks. simplify. change your mind. end your fears. overcoming fears. the bigger your comfort zone is the more successful you should be. i want you to leave this workshop becoming comfortable public speaking. this is the one of the keys to altruism. and be comfortable sharing your purpose in life. everyone share their statements. dreams are something you dont give up on you continue to work on them. expanding your comfort zone. what do you think the comfort zones of great leaders are? very large. you never give up on your dreams. you live them every day. what you are passionate about. your creativity. this is my chance to change education. finish mine then help my team with theirs and work on my journals. the bigger your comfort zone the bigger your money zone. more problems you can solve
more money you make. obstacles were meant to be broken. get rich or die tryin. write my blog names in journal so people can find them. and add them to my teaching. if u fear death it means u havent completed any purpose yet. if u fear public speaking it means you feel like you have no value to offer others. rich people are good public speakers. how africa falls in my personal vision. africa has many problems i want to teach them about problem solving and changing their heart and mind. bring up the blueprints of everyone around me.
my family and my friends will all become richer. my movement. uncle jeff is great. with my re learning. millionaire mind is my new favorite book. its the new evolution of awareness. tf knows it too its hard to learn. i can teach better and i will. first gen werent guided as well. they fundraised and then had to go home, without education. have the heart and courage of a problem solver. not the fear and hesistance of an avoider. everyone has this potential to be great and solve problems. have this heart. doesnt depend on any external thing. cominbation of blog and africa isp and millionaire mind got me here. find fb life notes project. list activites how kids spend their time. what goals you are working for. what problems in the world you want to solve. 
fundraising you get paid by your value not your time. good training. for real world success. if i can solve their problem or add value to their life only then they will donate to me. paid by results not time. i have to offer them real value or sell my prints with real value or they wont buy. be comfortable in sharing how their donation will help us go to africa and make a difference teaching kids. how to solve their own problems. were trying to teach them how to fish not give them fish. the solution is not in giving money, but giving education. this applies to all people. we are all humans we have the same core within us. i have to believe i am really changing lives or us they wont donate. now i know i will be . so i will make a lot more. my awareness has grown so much. meditation 20 minutes a day. external reflects internal. best fundraising will be the successful in life too. but you have to make that connection. you have to believe in your purpose. i have to help them find real value in it. i have to offer 20$ worth of value. dont wait for success to happen to me. i make my own success. if i get tired watching PLAYOFF football, then stand up. people dont want to share they dont want to be successful because they dont know how they are still in their comfort zone. yes you can be successful but you need to grow your comfort zone. if your not growing your dieing. this is the growth we talk about. growth comes when you stretch your comfort zone. 
i always repeat myself in my notes so i know its true for me. 
write revalations in ipod or notebook then transfer. get it out fast.
dreams are something you dont give up on you continue to work on them.
purpose of life is joy in everything you do. how you do anything is how you do everything.
many people are unsuccesful because they are stuck in their comfort zone. people would rather be comfortably miserable than risk being happy. comfortably unsuccessful.
be aware of my previous thought patterns to see how i got here. i was just in my comfort zone.
through life some people grow their comfort zones. some people dont. successful ones do. its all in your mind. internal is most important. successful people continue their growth and their comfort zones. and grow and make more and more money. poor people stay in their comfort zones and are spiritually dieing. the fall is spritiual death. purity is the most important thing to maintaining your growth. where are the peolpe who dont know what you wanna do with your life. these are my people. i wanna help you find your purpose. 
for africa, im gonna ask you guys to be uncomfortable. only then can i teach you something. 
talk about the importance of growing your comfort zones first, then ask them to volunteer. and say can i encourage you guys to get out of your comfort zone? would this be uncomfortable? can i ask you to do it anyway. for your own growth. and continue to do uncomfortable things to become a great leader and problem solver in this world. and be successful. 2nd gen have so much potential. but if  u let the world form ur mind, you wont reach it. 80% of people in the world never reach their full potential, and dont enjoy their jobs.
what i did today to expand my comfort zone and grow my self. mylifeisaverage styled site.babies are bundles of joy because they have no concepts.only joy. when their needs are met. i can learn the most from a baby. the key to success in life is ending fear that you gained growing up in a fallen world. Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness. mlk jr. people have many fears. i now feel joy with my parents, the pressures and fears have been lifted. this is all worth it. my passive income streams are worth it. it is not enough to have a heart to change the world, you need to express your creativity and go out and do it. i had to overcome my fears of failure and rejection. i finally solved them
purpose of life is joy. how do we get it? become a co creator like god. god created to feel joy. put that in us. truth brings success and joy. truth evolves constantly. christianity is 2000 years old. its time for a new truth. creative altruism. we create we feel joy. only with an object partner. who gives us value back. selfishness is holding in your creativity. destructive selfishness. instead of creative altruism. creative altruism is the key to success and joy. creativity is the most important spiritual practice. law of attraction. fear is selfish. love joy creation is unselfish. business is creativity solving real world problems. art is self expression of creativity. we need both. business and art mix together. business is an art. conscience and creativity. we need both. this is the key to success and joy. business is nothing more than solving problems and being paid well in return according to how well and how many problems you solve. parent create children feel most joy. 
be creative when fundraising on how to give out more and more value to people!
dont fall into fallen world norms. babes are born good. all people are good at the core. we all have the potential. forget working. do what you love.
this information is so valuable. i will make a lot of money teaching it. bringing value to the world. 
people have many fears. for me it was failure and rejection. but i solved those. i want you guys to list your fears and work on overcoming them. this is the key to success and joy. 
solve fears. be free. end fear. fallen world of fear.
i wasnt able to relate with my parents. and experience joy with them. i had too many fears. but now its over.
the key to enjoying anyone. is overcoming all your fears. then you are free to love them. get rid of any fears attached to them. anyone who reaches this level of awareness will dedicate their life to helping others find this awareness as well. unless it comes naturally to them, then they just are changing the world and these are the leaders of today. u need a good coach to guide you to success. somone whos been there. creative altruism instead of destructive selfishness.i can only speak from my experience and what works for me. and i know this can help people as well. be creativing when fundraising to give more value to people.
its all about overcoming fear. and breaking false concepts.
that arent useful to you. 
now that i know anyone can grow from where they are to this level. i free great to share it. because i know what i know now is true and i have no fear in sharing it. it can empower anyone. and free every problem of this world. i wll never get a job i dont want again! its that simple. i will do what i love and get rich doing it. whatever it takes to get there. overcoming all fears to get there.
go for ur dreams. shoot for the moon. even if u miss ull still land among the stars.
true or true?
yes or yes?
master trainer.
my website is accelerated growth. accelerated success. accelerated learning. edutainment. my website is creative altruism. this world os full of concepts. we are comfortable creatures of habit. get you to 0 state. state of enlightenment. its here. enjoy everything you do. or your not really living. few men truely live. world wars bring out so much creativity because its so necessary. otherwise we like to be comfortable. we were born to solve the problems. if babies grew up in a perfect world would that person be fearless? yes or yes. find joy and abundance in your life. solving problems breeds money. and happiness. no matter where you are. break every concept. forget evrrything you know. now let me fill you with joy and success. ethan anderson spiritual master guru and business genius. changing lives every day. work in the real world. not only online. your concepts about life are breaking you down. keeping you from success and joy. everything you learned because you were raised. in you family. return to the state of diect dominion with god. co creator. return to baby state. freedom to fail. freedom to fail is direct dominion in my opinion. child like mind. if u can get here u can be successful. the number one reason people dont get what they want is they dont know what they want. because they are too afriad to really ask themselves. freedom to fail. creativity grows. 
everything you know can be unlearned. only fears. what iffs can hold you back. these will race in your mind. trying to hold you back. keep you safe and keep you comfortable in your comfort zone. and hating your job. return to 0 and return to creativity.
super challenge society hit me and i gave up. got swallowed up by society. but this is no longer. breaking concepts. i want to solve these problems and i have no concepts. i take smart risks. because i had no clear vision. i had no clarity on what to share to others. always up and down. in belief in myself. i had so many irrational fears that i could not succeed. follow your dreams. live your dream. keep going. this is your purpose. solve problems or bring joy with expression.super challenge killed me because i had no clear vision. that is over. public speaking got me nervous because i had no clear vision. this is over. i am so clear with what i want to share with others and how to help others reach my state. solve as many problems as you can in your lifetime. life is never about being wrong or right. there is no truth. truth is constantly evolving. truth brings joy and success. u can be right or you can be rich. i never care about being right or wrong i care about joy. its simple but not so easy. life is simple but not easy to get to this state. IT TAKES A PROCESS of UNLEARNING everything you think you know about life! people resist obviously. complications are false. now i am clear. my job is helping others reach this level. people try to complicate things but its simple. joy or fear. thats it. love or fear. life based on fear or based on love. my job is helping others reach this level. create a world of problem solvers. accelerated growth. ending all fears and concepts. measure value by performance not time! our society is becoming time based but really the future is value based. success and happiness is possible for anyone if you want it. i can coach you to find it. its all about your mindset on lfe. your heart.
its all about the heart. anyone can gain this heart. i want to have fun in EVERYTHING i do. how you do anything is how you do everything. i love talking with people. now i can help them break their concepts. end their fears. irrational fears is what keep us from success. helping others is the hard part the fun part. your level of creativity depends on your zero state and your education. its your financial blueprint. its how much money you bring to the world. how i view everything has changed. i see problems as things to fix. instead of things to avoid.
As long as your going to be thinking anyway, think big. 

anyone who thinks my story is over is dead wrong.
learn from the past. plan for the future. live in the present.
post your deepest thoughts online. out in the open. i have more money than ill ever need. i work for fun. 
If you're interested in 'balancing' work and pleasure, stop trying to balance them. Instead make your work more pleasurable.
In the end, you're measured not by how much you undertake but by what you finally accomplish.
trump quotes. Trump is a man who is certain about what he wants and sets out to get it
Money was never a big motivation for me, except as a way to keep score. The real excitement is playing the game.  What separates the winners from the losers is how a person reacts to each new twist of fate.
With out passion you dont have energy, with out energy you have nothing.  raise your own energy level.
never try to be right. only try to be rich and try to solve problems. want all that you want and it will come at the perfect time. everything is energy.
i bought my domain. now im committed.
instead of working part time spend that time working on making money online.
oh wow. start my political career. end fear of the recession. bring the economy back.
trust my gut in everything. omg. i can debate so well now. so politics will be perfect. write out my beliefs on issues. go back to asu get into politics. my passion. public speaking. my passion. thank you. then work on my businesses,art,music, and websites. take an excerpt from autobiography. then build my site with my content and millionaire content. yeah baby! i can have both. my political career and my other altruistic creative endeavors.  i will be a  millionaire. yess. i will be president. i know nothing gets in my way of what i want now. and now that im making the determination to be president. I WILL BE PRESIDENT OF ASU THEN USA OR DIE TRYING.end this fear based recession. this will be my day job. that i also love. im completely comfortable on stage. because i know what im sharing works. and i found my true calling. my true passion. you have to meditate 20 minutes a day. exercise daily. end all your fears and follow your dreams. omg. this is crazy this is insane. im so happy. my career will be a political leader and politican. you need ur dream career, while you work on your businesses, art, and music. and websites. thank you god for this clarity i love you! now that i know i never give up on my goals ever, i will be president. its happened in my times of clarity before. and now its real. i know my responses. i know what happens when i face an obstacle. its so clear. like starcraft. i want to give up i become depressed. but i keep working. i keep going. even though im a noob. and i suck. i keep working. i keep learning!. i keep growing. my potential for money expands DAY BY DAY. my art website with all my art. my music website with all my music. i will become a famous artist. the problems i will solve will be WORLD problems with my political career. because my comfort zone is big i can solve many problems in politics other people wouldnt even touch. because im so young people will love me even more. will start by solving small problems then as i move up in my political career i will start solving other problems. other people have their roots based on the wrong things. thats why so many political successes lose out. i can see your level of success by how you speak. your quotes. its all your perception on life. i will be a powerful force for good. in the political world. and the business, religious worlds. i will face many obstacles but i see them so clearly now. i will always be learning. like sc2. i  watched many videos. what you focus on expands. i watched many videos for sc2 and played more and got more advice. and more experience. i will do this in all areas. people will love me. my comfort zone is so large i can help other peoples grow. follow their dreams. why have a fear of failure? irrational. the world puts this on you! killing fear of failure one person at a time. my website will be about smashing fear of failure. create lots and lots of content on my site to help people break through. people like art and music because they have no fear of failure to create it. this inspires. this is what i want to do. create inspiring art and music.we are in a recession and ill tell you why. its the state of the people. we live in a fail based culture. where many people are too afraid to succeed. my generation is a fail generation. we are too afraid to try anything for fear of ridicule and failure! check out our websites. failblog. people are scared to fail. and this why our recession is coming on. college students many are afraid of the real world. because they are afraid to fail. our culture is very fail afraid right now. theres too much pressure. to have nice things. to be perfect. but perfect is unknowable. yet right infront of you. perfection is the mindset of always learning and always growing. my website will be a huge success. a smash hit. smashing fear of failures of people all around. by educating them. and changing how they think. reprogramming their mind. our mind is programmed as kids. but thats not who you really are. look deep inside and ask, if you knew you could not fail, what would you do? go out and do that. my website will take a painstakingly detailed look into my psyche and how i overcame my fear of failure. and i will help millions of people. write my book now. end your fear of failure today. self esteem must be earned by doing great things. i know when i go back into my fear of failure mindset. the one i learned growing up. but now i have become so aware, of it, that i can easily knock it out when it comes up. but it takes a great awareness. a lot of self reflection. and a lot  of doing things i didnt know i could. things i had so many fears about. fear of rejection and failure. this is why growing your comfort zone expands your money zone. its your fear of failure zone. that stops you from success. marriage is like anything else. stop trying to reach perfection. perfection is unknowable. yet right infront of us. taking ourselves out of the equasion is ending our fear of failure. marriage is like life and success. the key is you keep learning and growing together. grow towards god together. learning how to live together. our perfection culture is deeply rooted. its all about deep honesty, integrity, and openness about who you really are. you need your dream career, and your businesses. until your businesses take  off you can keep living your dream career if you so choose. my passion is being a political leader.
i had such a fear of failure. but now i see what could go wrong. i could lose elections. but learn from that and try again. i have no fear in my mindset on marriage. you grow together. you learn together. from every experience. this is a perfect marriage. a perfect marriage is one that has many fights, but as a couple you learn and grow together from every single one.grow towards god. towards perfection. god is perfection. god is perfect love perfect joy. a couple grows toward god together. this is perfection. never fear the inevitable. death is inevitable. no reason to fear it. i struggled with why i played cod so much if i wasnt gonna pursue it as a career. my real career is politics. going to africa and giving talks will be a great start. give me some good credibility. we have a lot of potential. be great at what you do . be the best at whatever you want to do.
ive successfully ended all my irrational fears of the unknown of marriage of success. by changing my mindset. my website will be a positive force in change. this world is changing. my website will contribute. my book will contribute. my blog will contribute. my political career will contribute. my motivation speaking career will contribute. my public speaking career will contribute. ending fears. by just being me i will contribute. when going for success look at all possible results of failing and see if its really that bad. if you will still be alive and learn from that experience. you have to check your motivation are u doing this to help the world? or to prove yourself. prove something to others. you have to have the motivation of helping others and succeeding.
check page of journal 6. basic keys. check ethan hotmail for web site info. create chat rooms. and everything. and forums. and content. welcome to a more supportive place. find more joy and more success in your life. find your desired purpose.

its like an awareness. now i can see my responses. when im going for my goals. i will run for president at ASU until i get it. i will run for president of USA every year after 35 until i get it. fail forward into success. only if you learn from your failures and keep going. living the principle growing together with your wife towards god. then creating children. you have to think anyway you have to work anyway so think big. work big. i thought i was so good already. but i realized i have to work and improve every day. need to keep growing. our society demands perfection at a young age. you wont want to do anything until you learn what you want to contribute to the world. what you want to do for the world. u have to overcome fears to help other people. growing up i heard about achieving but i didnt know what i wanted to offer. now i know. i want to help people overcome their fear of failure. the same one that held me back. the new mindset. of continual growth. if your not growing your dieing. michael jordan missed so many shots. people who succeed and arent happy, arent based on love. tf based totally on love. be parents of love not fear. its all about love. its based on love instead of fear. role of parents is to support kids. how you do anything. i was loving but not successful. drive by my fear of failure. drove me to mediocrity. i knew i wanted a scholarship. to be somewhat successful. society has so many false rules. like you have to be a success right out of high school and be rich and have a nice house and nice material things. and have your own house not live with your parents. thats considered a failure. this false belief is driving huge debt and a lot of fear. some celebrities are successful but unhappy. if they have the wrong roots driving them. you hold all the power within you. everyone has incredible love. politics is the place i want to solve problems. this is my destiny i create. i have no doubt i will become president because i will keep improving myself until i get there. i dont expect to succeed right away. there will be many people ahead of me. that i will learn from and work with them to get there. i will learn from it and move on. set big goals or you will never reach them. i can help people because i knew where i was and where i am now and wrote out exactly how i got here. people ask why they arent successful when they dont set that goal. their goal is comfort. comfortable success is not possible. success doesnt come to people. they create it. i will keep producing pop songs until i get there. success is all about how you view life. as continual growth process or as success and failures. internet is a fear driven place. place where only perfection is perceived. you only see finished products. living the principle is overcoming obstacles and following your heart your passion. the real principle is amazing. this is why i want to teach it. kids not knowing what to do joined the churchc. we are products of parents who fear failure. thats how we are raised. if we dont really understand principle we will not be happy. if you really understand and live principle you will be happy. no matter what. face every challenge as indemnity to overcome. its this mindset. people live parts of the principle but not all of it. 2nd gen we grew up in fear world it affects us. we need to grow up in perfect love. there all doing the will due to pressure so they presure us. instead of following their own true heart. they pass that onto us.success is a mindset. always expanding. 
nolan gets it. of course im a beginner at public speaking. need to keep getting better. also because i really believe what im saying now. that helps too. content i believe in. content that leads to success and joy. my goals were get good grades comfortably as possible. and thats exactly what i did. both people need to live the principle. i can teach it . we grow every day. anyimte u feel fear do it. this will take you one step closer to success. satan strongest most ppl give up right before breakthrough. fear of success. good and evil. god and evil. tf changed everything. brought us into the age of settlement. its over now. now its a process of building. teaching and living the principle. life is hard or harder. there is no easy. honesty is the most important thing to grow. principle is real i live it. its not something i just believe in. i live it. i can now gauge every truth. the happiest and most successful people have the highest truth. material things do not bring happiness. more joy more success. human spirit is unbreakable. find my passion. i really wanted to go into politics. become president. but i had so many fears. if people would like me. if my views would be accepted. nga helped me overcome this. children need freedom to grow. schools are ruthless families are ruthless. i used to talk so much. but my bro and sis told me i was annoying. so i stopped talking. and then i became shy. and developed a fear of failure. this is how it happens. it happens to us over and over. find success in what you want to do. life is simple. do what you love. life is simple. if you knew you not fail what would you do? go do that. learn from your failures untl you achieve it. im gonna do it. try out for football. if you dont try youll never know. if you knew you could not fail. this is what i will teach in africa. if i knew i couldnt fail id go into football and politics. i will undergo training and try out. my heart and determination will earn me a spot. do things on the spot. you wont do it at home unless you have good coaching. i live completely from my heart. millionaire mind really knows principle. indemnity and restoration are most important parts. and spirit world. live eternal life. my life will be a guideline. how to succeed and enjoy life. its more important to enjoy your job then to have a safe job you hate. everyone can love their job. even if i dont reach a specific certain goal, i will land among the stars! your probably looking for another easy job you will hate, instead of looking for what your big dream is. what you really want to do. if you are rejecting these ideas, ask yourself why. your minds job is to keep you safe in your comfort zone, but is this where you want to be ? or do you want to be happy and successful. its more important to love your job then have a safe job you hate. i love playing football. i will be in the nfl. start training on nga. building mass and working out. use my mind to be great also. i wanna do both. i have no fear about anything because i know i will be always growing and getting better! ask yourself what you would do if you knew you could not fail. anything else is just irrational fear. no man is a failure who is enjoying life. stop trying to be right. start trying to be happy. this is the key to happiness and success. everyone is trying to be right. no one is trying to be happy actually. who says i wanna be happy? i wasnt enjoying school because i didnt have a clear purpose of why i was doing things. i didnt have a driving purpose that would help me enjoy everything i was doing. the bigger the why, the funner the how. your happiness directly corrolates to how successful you are. if your success is not fear driven. i had low awareness so i didnt know why i would lose inspiration. now  know. its when i lose heart and i give up. i never feel cold. never talk about what youve done or what you will do. this is true in the sense it is harsh but necessary. i will go for 1000 to be a legend. fundraise all night. donald trumps only advice. love what you do. try out for football for fun. use my mind. video games are fun unless you are really pursuing a career in them. my biggest struggle in life was playnig too much games, i wasnt pursuing it as a career so i was frustrated with why i played them. i didnt have a clear vision for my life at all. whatever you focus on your addicted too. the key is to be addicted to success and to achievement. every master was once a disaster. me sc2. my skill was growing day by day. what you focus on expands. change my focus to making money instead of games. instead of school i didnt like it. now i love it. learning about politics and business. i always knew i wanted to go into politics but i was scared. to choose my own beliefs. and afraid of failure and rejection. 2nd gen are no longer persecuted for our belief but we have the fear we will be. our parents were in the age of persecution. but they kept going.politics was my passion. i was afraid to succeed. god will protect me and my notebooks. my parents will support me following my passion of politics and business. and web building. its not about going against the world. its about lifting them up. my mindset was going agasint them. but its about lifting them up. lifting the fear. i want to change education. in america and in the church. honor your commitments. but work on your passion too. i want to change education in america and in the church. end fear of failure. parents are supposed to teach this education. millionaire mind needs to be involved in every school. go into politics and change education. now im not afraid to public speak. because i have something to share ive found my true self. people who live their passion are not afraid of public speaking. you can achieve anything you set your mind to. this needs to be stressed. fear of failure education needs to change. this is why i want to get into politics. writing my book. if your not sure about your faith you dont know it. we need to change education in the church. matching education as well. its not your own. we need to start earlier. any match or marriage can succeed if this is your focus" together we will grow every day through every struggle to grow towards god together." no one is joining because no one is teaching it right. i can say this right now. patrick nolan is. passion is the most important rule for success. your passion within you only fear is holding you back. its irrational. programmed into you. this world is ruthless. playgrounds are ruthless. bullying. no freedom to learn and grow. i felt so much irrational pressure to be perfect. i love everynoe now. my fear is gone. i love changing fear of failure. i have no fear so i can love anyone now. but i get bored. i tune out if ur not talking about changing the world. creative altruism is what i will teach. we grow together. every day. young people think they are in their prime. wrong mindset. young people want to be perfect now. people fail in relationships and they dont know why. its because their mindset. seeking perfection. and they give up. when you give up you become depressed. when you commit to marriage it means you never give up. the point of a relationship is not starting out perfect. you keep growing better and better every day.take the pressure off. take yourself out of the equation. the key is enjoying everything you do. i never fought with people. this was my weakness not my strength. i wasnt growing. everyone loves me but i have so much more potential for success. its time to start. always talk about what youve done and what you will do. to be held accountable. ill thank you with what i do in my life. i tried the dont talk about what uve done or waht you will do but it fails. restricted me. doesnt work. always talk about what uve done and what you will do. the key is in experience. you know what to ignore. my personal mission is stamping out fear of failure. this is what i wanna teach in africa. this is my expertise. and living for others got that part down. i didnt fight with my parents so i didnt learn anything. our relationship wasnt growing. you have to grow your heart to want to live for the world. and overcome your own fear of failure. this is how you achieve happiness and success. some people achieve success but not happiness. some people have no fear but a selfish heart. i had an unselfish heart but a lot of fear of failure. people with no fear but selfish hearts these are successful people who fall apart. their heart is not for the world. some people have a selfish heart and a fear of failure. these people are the most unhappy. the new truth is growing. a loving a heart and overcoming your fear of failure. in our movement we have the right heart but we have a fear of failure. its so clear to see. i can love anyone. because all my fears are gone. if you love people you have no fear.this is how anyone can grow. growing their heart of living for others. role of parent to support children in their dreams. i can help you find your purpose by asking you one question. what would you do if you knew you could not fail. i want to go into politics to change public schools forever. implement daily meditation and self awareness. we create our economy. by adding value to the world by getting rich you add value to the world. our fear of failure caused this recession. our fears caused the problems of the economy. they didnt happen out of thin air. there is a cause for our economy to go down. which then causes all the problems. economy is a reflection of our people. my generation is very fear driven. no one is trying to succeed. people are afriad to succeed. my purpose is growing peoples hearts and ending their fear of failure.creative altruism. i know im not where i wanna be yet, but i know i will get there. i can unlock your passion. and help you find more joy and more success just by talking to you. i even wrote a letter to myself. dear future ethan, nothing is real unless you can share it with others. you dont really believe things unless you can share them with others so i want you guys to turn your answer of what you would do if you could not fail into a belief statement and share them with the class. if i knew i could not fail i would become president of the usa. i will grow day by day until i become president of the usa. the key to success is growing your heart and overcoming your fears. its all about the heart and ending fear.

live for the sake of others. and dont fear failure. find your true self. this is my teachings in one sentence. 

example people. MLK. arnold .Failure is not an option. Everyone has to succeed. arnold. i can see if you will be rich or poor by the way you talk. i can tell if you will be unhappy or happy. by the way you speak. some people succeed in life but not in relationships. some people have the total package. like arnold schwarzeneggar. 2nd gen we have the same potential. but you have to go earn it. 
if you dont like me thats your problem not mine. if i dont like you thats my problem not yours. 
not liking somone is your problem not theirs. everyone needs a personal website. brutal honesty and openness is the key to growth. many people have certain grasps of principle. there is one thing with the whole grasp. dp.
i play the money game to win. i get rich doing what i love. expressing my creativity. feel god when you know anything is possible.dont look for a job. go create jobs for others. creativity. and passion is needed. i feel god watching clannad. anything is possible. parents dream passes onto their kids. i love politics . these are the problems i want to solve. marketing. really passionate about it? no i had no future with it. i picked it because i love nfl and maybe i could get a job with them. but i didnt have the drive with that and im not passionate about marketing really. i hated school. nga helped me. i could become the worlds greatest marketer but i dont want to. i could become the worlds greatest at whatever i choose. i choose politics. because i will keep growing. i can become the most experienced. and the best. and the most creative. i will fail more than others with more talent. and when they stop growing i will pass them. i will change high school education. 2nd gen education. as well . teach this back home. teach principle for more understanding and to help others. carp will be the most passionate club on campus in fall 2011. i will be running for president of ASU in 2011. my sis's family lives principle. shes into real state. there is no limit on success. keep growing and learning. until you make more and more money. so cool. i wanna get into it as well. the internet is the new real estate tho. people dont like to travel anymore. we prefer to live on our computer haha. i dont need a 2nd year i found my passion. start teaching principle. political career. website building. teach principle at carp at asu. to keep learning more and more. i didnt know why i was up and down now i know why. when my fear of failure comes in. its easy for me to share because im focused on writing books. and building a site. so i need to build good content. i live by and i like. and its good. this is what ive found. in millionaire mind and fear of failure. and growing others. principle is the spiritual side of it. the total truth, people dont need the movement to know the principle. you know what i mean some people live it. you determine your success. my focus is not only on myself but on sharing it as well. in books and websites. this is my 2nd year. im writing books and web sites. change high school. no more fact memorizaton. change it to public speaking. passion. meditation. critical thinking. arts, business, and general ed as well.right now its so much on math and science english spanish but its not fun for students. personal development. facts are on google theres no point in excessive memorization. high school has to be fun. we will make it fun. make high school fun campaign revamp the whole education system. make it competitive. but help kids love it. kids should love coming to high school. to compete. we fail in making learning fun in america. we teach facts not education. to do list: end recession. re vamp american education. we dont have engineeers and stuff because we arent doing the job of teaching how fun it is. how creativity is life. have kids teach lessons about their passion. and their future. kids need to come out of high school great public speakers. have bc's come up and do presentations of their understanding of the divine principle. in jin nim is doing a good job re vamping education. america is in good hands. stf is in good hands. constantly improving. kids arent passionate about school because they arent passionate about life. and their future. this is what i wanna do in my political career. change all high schools. education reform. people dont know exactly what to do. i do. because i am one of them! i get rich doing what i love. life is not about selfishness or unselfishness. its about love and joy or fear. no one wants to be selfish. selfishness is caused by fear. the more selfish someone is because they have more fear. a joyful person is one without fear. the best thing you can do in life is pray, meditate for hours. until u get to God. when you know you can achieve your passion. spirituality is energy. everything is energy. if you love your job you have energy. if you love school you have passion. my passion is politics. for some its engineering. any kind of applied creativity. high school has to be fun. make learning fun. help kids mature in high school. dont wait. high school kids are ready. high school has to be all about creativity. freedom to fail. business and creativity. i will reform high school. lifes not fair and is not about right or wrong. its about following your passion and having a good heart. no one should leave high school without finding their passion. this is how we will increase productivity. improve our nation. re vamp education of america. altrusim. family is the school of love. you learn from your family. and school. contribute to society. have children 3 great blessings. i could be the best football coach. i could be the best at whatever i do. my focus is on politics. i wanna have the biggest impact. but of course i will help on peoples fear of failure. growing peoples heart. ethan anderson. web guru popular self help site. great politicain, public speaker, world traveler. self examination is the most important thing to constantly do. journaling. anyone can make a blog, your serious if your creating your own website. teach web design in schools. this changing world needs new education. web design , business, character ed, critical thinking, leadership skills. school reform is my platform. make school fun. my political career then my book and website the whole time. have the career you love and also work on your businesses part time. 
procrastination is a great tool. i know when im not thinking about my purpose when im procrastinating.
listen to pendulum while working.
omg i love doing africa planning! its so fun i cant wait to share with these kids. because i know im sharing valuable plugged in. i got my creativity music . im making great progress. i can do this easy.this is how big my comfort zone has gotten.
felt god in nature
nature is perfect
nature has no limits
the people are fallen
there is no pressure
only love
with people come fear.
nature has no fear.
god is fearless.

i am such a uniter.
my passion is politics.
if i knew i couldnt fail id go into politics.
and so i will. uniting america.
i can see myself now. going crazy excited for politics.
writing great bills. getting things done.
change. not like obama.
he has an agenda.
i have no agenda.
my only agenda is to help the world.
no personal agenda.
loving it. because its my true passion.
uniting and leading.
i will take daily steps toward it.
teaching in africa, global poltics degree.
i love you uncle jeff.
give these kids the education i wish i received in high school
reform high school education
the key to god is getting out of society.
getting back into nature
into freedom
your heart
give up everything to gain it
people are messed up.
the more you try to please others,
the farther away you are from god
your true self is happy
you get people out of the fallen world
a more heavenly place
love not fear
all great people have no fear of failure.
i am such a uniter
i use my creativity to unite political issues.
we need men of conscience in government. not of ideaologies.
political parties are causing political ignorance.
because im passionate, i keep looking for a solution.
i never give up on it.its fun for me. where it would annoy others.
ill be doing great things solving conflicts
oh trust me im just getting started.
its all about god
when you have a relationship with god
you dont care about anything horizontal
you have no fear
only love
end all polarizing beliefs
we have become so polarized with right or wrong
instead of solving problems
working for a solution in the middle
i will unite my generation
to solve problems
not be right or wrong
life is not about being right
its about solving problems
i never want to be right i only want to solve problems
your greatest weakness becomes your greatest strength
because you can guide others.
i always knew i wanted to be a political leader
you just know.
my greatest weakness was fear of failure. so i can guide others
everything you do should be towards your goal
so there is no reason for procrastination
i built a safety career and i got good grades
perfection is an attitude.
the key is not seeking perfection
but working towards it
the key is not having happiness
but working towards it
my goal was always inspire people
but i failed
i didnt know how
now i do
overcome your fears
and be great at what you do
what you want to do
perfect practice makes perfect
i will smash every fundraising record
we are fundraising
so i will be the best
i will learn how
i will do whatever it takes
to be the best fundraiser.
give the most value out. and gain the most happiest.
i will love fundraising the most.
under constant rejection
i can see who lives the principle
by hearing how they speak
anyone famous they speak a certain way.
great people speak and live a certain way.
my chosen field is politics. i will be the greatest politician.
i love politics. i know its messed up.
but its my destiny to clean it up. i know in my deepest heart.
its what i was born to do.
i solve problems others wouldnt think.
im confident in my solutions. to get things done.
politics evolve as a peoples culture evolves.
the middle ground is always the best.
the middle is where truth lies.
with my understanding of principle i will know the best solutions.
i solve problems as they come.
for now its my africa project how to inspire and my website how to inspire america.
ill solve politics when i get there to.
because i never give up.
this attitude solves anything.
omg writing speeches is my passion. how did i forget?
noone can write a speech and deliver one like me.
its all about conquering fear of failure growing your heart.
i had the heart but too much fear.
live for the sake of others.
i have such a parental heart now.
i practice now.
give people their space. but knowing when to reach out
and giving advice when asked.
experience has shown me what to throw out.
whats true and whats not true for me.
truth works
truth always leads toward success and happiness.
dont try to be perfect. work towards perfection and you become great.
love is the answer. always respond with love not fear.
love the world. love africa.
im just gonna go there and love.
its so funny.
its so clear to see
how  i used to listen to funeral march. in school.
because i hated it.i had so much fear of failure when writing essays.
and doing public essays.
i can now gauge my responses.
i am so high awareness living.
i can tell when im not happy. and where my spirit is.
i have so many obstacles coming up to overcome.
failure is not an option.
its not a mystical thing.
everything is energy
god is energy.
tf has so much energy. spirit elements.
2nd gen 1st gen is over now.
its mostly about the time
in the age of settlement it doesnt really matter does it
i was always shy and uncomfortable around new people
beacuse of my own fear of rejection
but i am changed now
i have become the person i want to be.
the one who can speak freely without fear.
attitude is perfection.
your success is what is changing.
there is a perfect mindset.
your skills and talents and experience are what grow.
confidence is the most important thing when public speaking.
the more in touch of your heart you are the more confident you become.
when your confident, all that stuff comes naturally. haha.
all the pair share and journaling because i know what works.
the principle is so amazing.
kids dont understand it. if you understand it and live it
as 2nd gen we dont understand it. our understanding is so little.
we must teach it to learn it. we dont learn it growing up.
you wanna share it with people. not the church. but the principle.
if you really live it, you become consumed by it.
this changes lives. this is the new truth.
this will come out eventually.
it is coming.
its amazing.
i want to have so many kids.
this world needs good kids.
2nd gen are the hope. 3rd gen. and new 1st gen. have so much power.
i hated school.
cant wait to get home. back to my friends.
its this homestay then fundraising then africa.
dude everything is fun. its gonna go by so fast.
i cant flippin wait.
i dont have fear.
i will pwn at fundraising. this will be my motivation.
to break every record.
my spirit will be so high.
in difficult situations.
because my clarity is so high and fear is gone.
i will inspire people with my confidence.
homestay is free. done with lecture planning.
then we go to africa and have fun.
teach lectures and have fun with kids.
book keeping is easy.  no fear.
then i get to go home
and see alex and work on website. wow.
gonna be great.omg
my life is amazing.
thank you nga.
on one sense you create your life.
but the experinces you have and knowledge you have affects you.
so it inspires you to give back.
im gonna give back to the whole world.
let the staff give back to nga.
my mission is so much larger.
be a political leader.
start a movement.
other ppl are still working on there stuff.
i am so ready.
readiness is an attitude. not a level.
raise kids in very supportive loving environment
i empower people with my website
our generation is great.
just need to be empowered.

key to life is not an easy path
but overcoming your challenges to achieve your own greatness
not easy path
but loving everything that hits you
i love everyone
every woman is beautiful
every man has what it takes
i can confdiently say that
my whole world view has changed
joy in everything i do now
so happy
i love jeff
i havent changed who i am.
but my whole perspective on life has changed.
i am my true self all the time now.
not just with my friends hanging out.
but i get that same joy with my parents
my family
at work
at school
in everything i do.
my true self hasnt changed.
but ive found how to be my true self. through any situation.
through many obstacles i will face. i can tell when i give up.
and when i forgot myself. its so clear.
i now see how all mental and physical disorders are fear based.
and the fear caused your body to not work in its intended way.
nature is who you were meant to become
nurture is who you actually become growing up in a harsh environment
your brain is all energy. mental disorders are all caused by fear.
ive grown my parental heart so much for the world.
my parental heart for my africa team.
i see everyones fears now. so clearly.
and i see everyones potential.
i try to help i do the best i can.
if they are open to advice i do what i can.
but if they are not ready for it thats ok.
i can solve any problem
overcome any situation now
with this true self. my true heart.
so strong person.
nature is beautiful
unconditional love. your dog will always love you
if you forget to feed your dog, will he be angry at you?
or will he love you anyway. just look to nature.
your dog will love you no matter. if you get fired your dog will still love you.
i am in baby state. and so i bring more fun and humor to everything.
i have no fear now in anything. matching or career or anything. because i know i can overcome anything.
set every fundraising record
i love anyone now laugh with anyone
iwill have so many kids

i see principle in everything now.
in all great men.
einstein,mlk, and the founding fathers.
i need to teach two things in life.
ending fear of failure.
and living for the sake of others.
this is my mission.
i will not rest until the whole WORLD lives with this heart and this mind
my heart and mind and body.
you need all 3.
have a heart to live for others.
have a mind that fears nothing
i was a perfect student.
modern schools teach memorization not creavtivity.
listen to techno while writing my speeches while changing this world.
because i know principle really well. i can be a great leader. i want to teach principle basically.
i live it.
politics comes naturally to me. i see it in a different way than others.
i solve problems and get things done.
i believe in one family under god.
and all humans have potential for happiness.
i used to have trouble writing 500 word essays. the word count was like a death trap.
now my creativity and mind flows with pages of original content.
my views are headwing. i do what god wants with my understanding of the principle.
i dont have set views. i solve problems as they come up. the world is changing i need to be ever adapting.
i can find the middle to every problem. its my passion. i love it. it comes naturally to me.
we have dual purpose. contribute to world. and be successful and joyful.
fear messes it up.
women want to fix everything in current situation.
men are always looking ahead.
perfect complement.
now i can begin to public speak because i have my confidence know.
and im confident with what im sharing.
i believe 100% in what im sharing so i have no reason to fear.
and im excited about it.
my core teaching will be
what would you do if you knew you could not fail.
if your not doing this your letting your fear kill you
your dieing.
we all have pretty good hearts but fear of failure is huge.
africa will be great. so much public speaking practice and confidence practice.
i had a huge heart but a huge fear of failure.
now i have both.
and my authenticity shows in any situation im in.
not just with the people i know really well.
im comfortable with everyone.
its the qualities ive developed that matter.
i can succeed in anything i do now.
in sports, life, business, politics.
i couldve been the best engineer, sports player, or scientist.
but i can do the most good solving the human problem.
i will be the best fundraiser. in history.
with this understanding.
1000 average.
i will take my average 100% on my own.
no excuses.
i will average 1000 or die trying.
will be a good test for me.
solve the fundraising problem
everyones personal problem
so they donate to me.
if they dont donate it was my fault and i keep going.
noone can match my confidence now.
solve the problem.
of breaking 1000.
noone else can. i can.
the deeper i go the more i learn the more i can share.
its fun to look back on your journals and you can know what to ignore and what really works.
its experience. like anything else.
personal growth is the same way.
ah how silly i was back then.
this is a good thing.
this is a real test of your growth.
you should be able to look back at your old thinking.
and analyze it well
i will be the top fundraiser
you need a coach to succeed.
i cant coach all of you.
the key is to read.
feel free to check out the books on this site. for some coaching help.
your parents had huge resentment and they pass it onto you.
you need to get it out. you can do it.
you have to really go there.
go where you dont want to go.
go where it hurts
its not your fault
its not your fault.
people think life isnt fair
so they think god hates them
this is not so.
its not your fault
you did nothing wrong
your anger is not your fault
your pain is not your fault
these relationships are just what i need.
i can handle everything you need
with my strength
this is who i need to become
take on the pain of the whole world
because i know i can handle it
taking the pain of others
because im strong enough
to take anything
i thot uncle j would be the one but he still has some fear
ever expanding ever growing
let the haters hate and the livers live
i will take the weight of the world on my shoulders
your creativity needs to match your music.
your mood.
you can create sad or happy songs depending on your mood.
im not dependent on music it justs fun
if you listen to genius music and enjoy it you get a genius mindset
when a man stops creating, he starts dieing.
love your enemy.more than your friends.
this is the key
my life starts now. on nga.
this is my experience
i am committed to it.
i will stay in my proper position.
but i will be myself. and love it.
get into pastoring.
i have no fear of losing my notes
my content comes from my heart now.
i would rather risk dying then give up one day truely living.
age of settlement.
now its time to build it baby.
the key to happiness is learning how to fill the needs of everyone around you. so you can be free to do what you want.
age of settlement
we are building the kingdom.
we are living . 2nd gen have so much potential.
i was not filling my potential.
i wanted to be a political leader.  but i was afriad.becasue my understanding of the principle wasnt very good.
win the next in jin nims awards. gods army.
your life has to be a great battle. or nothing at all.
but you fight for good.
life is a great adventure.
music matches your heart and energy level.
i can tell ur happiness by ur favorite movies and music.
sincerity and no fear.
im willing to do things that others wont.
your focus can never be on yourself
only on others
parental heart.
original mind.
my purpose. i want to cry of joy. in everything i do
fundraising is fun
do it in your own way.
dont worry about pressure
i will start off making 0
but i will be having fun
and will eventually increase
until i make 1000s
you have to love it.
it all goes back to 0 state.
can you be happy making 0 result.
your passion for fundraising is what matters.
life is so boring when im not confronting my deepest fears.
this happened in super challenge.
i wasnt willing to confront my fears.
now i know.depth
i wanna go deeper and deeper
no more surface stuff. so boring.
put me in battle. put me in fight.
i want to change this world.
send me to africa.
amazing land. cannot wait.
you have to get out all your resentment and all your fear.
i am strong enough i will take all of it.
i dont need money.
im willing to give up my political career.
to go into psychology
and end fear.
im gonna love what i do.
and be good.
follow my heart.
1. i take full responsibility for my life
2. i will continue until i succeed in my highest dream
3. live for others
change education
no young man will leave my public high school without ending his fear of failure
and no young woman will leave my public high school without knowing her beauty and value
internet is so easy because i can see my competition
i see what they do and i do more
football is most american sport.
u go 100% til the whistle blows.
women are smarter than men.
they keep us safe.
highest average
its all about competition.
i cant wait for the next condition.
if i dont beat it i will cry.
next fundraising condition i cant wait.
if they dont donate its my fault.
true happiness is unconditional
you cant be like your parents
i will be perfect unconditional love in africa.
my niche is happiness success in life.
hire affiliates, be an affiliate.
fall is a fall.
but it is recoverable.
i want depth in everything i do.
i knew i was gonna change the world.
but i always had that doubt.
and it would come out.
fear of failure
fear of rejection.
but its over now.
its all in your heart.
how i do anything is how i do everything.
my goal:
change psychology forever.
end fear forever
personal passion is: politics
tf was engineering.
but this is a greater cause.
babies know the most.
everyone should go to another country.
there is too much pressure in america.
everyone fears failure.
art has no purpose.
movies inspire.
art has no value.
artist have great fears but not of failure.
sports/scientists have no fears but of failure.
some ppl are confident but they have other fears.
i hid myself to protect myself.
keep me pure. ina  fallen world
now i gotta break out.
live for the sake of others.
i couldve been a uniting politician, but i wanna do psychology research instead.
prove my theories.

if you have time to hate, your wasting time.
and i will pass you up on my way to success.
our concept of god is so wrong.
hes not out there somewhere.
hes in you.
hes in all of us.
hes perfect happiness. perfect love.
he created us and put that spark in us.
we are born perfect
this fallen world corrupts us. we need to restore it.
scientology knows this well.
at best drugs only mask what is really wrong; at worst, drugs cause harm.
you dont desire your own heart
separation of church and state.
its not about me. its about all fo you.
doomsday kids are full of fear.
i will never vote against my heart.
but i will write compromises on bills.
they think everything is doomsday
growing up i was the happiest kid
peoples insecurities brought me down.
gave me a fear of failure
that i was just conceited.
but its true my heart wasnt for others.
it was only on myself.
inauthenticity hurts my ears now
biggest problem in psychology is they are learning so much info
but they dont know what works , clarity
i will bring them it.
greatest psychologist. clear up everything for them.
psychology they are getting so much information, but they dont know what works.

love is a spectrum
i know what to throw out.
psychology they are learning so much. but dont know exactly. i know it well.

2 realms of self
relationships and achievements

4 types of people
there are happy motivated people
there are unhappy motivated people
there are happy unmotivated people
there are unhappy unmotivated people

it all goes back to fear
i can solve any problem by asking you your deepest fears.
this is the key. fear causes stress and everything else.
hiding emotions. or faking excitement.
how unselfish you are.
how much pain you had in relatonships
how driven you are
how much pain you had in successes
men and women are inherintly different.
babies are born perfect. study them.
in our culture, physical attraction is valued more than  other qualities.
this causes an imbalance.
everyone has unique strengths and weaknesses
god is happiness.
its better to express your emotions at all times.
emotional stability means happy in any situation.
Going through the motions can trigger the emotions.
dont believe who you think you are.
be who you want to be.
dont believe what people say about you.
true love is loving an imperfect person perfectly.
there are people who create to feel love
or those who create to give love
i was incredibly happy with my friends
but miserable in school and at home
i didnt know why
i had very little awareness
be a champion
everyone has a passion but the ones on top fought to get there
so we feel like we cant live up to that
but that is our purpose.
any fears you have in life are caused by scarrs in the past
i need to grow my heart to be more successful
i got the mind part down.
now the more i grow my heart the more impact i can have
any money i lose i know i can make it back
because my value is worth it
solve psychology. for good
analyze everything and everyone
im an analayzer now
sin keeps you unhappy.
cuts you from gods happiness
sin causes fear
through creativity im eternal
through my love im unchanging
ive grown unchanging love
and eternal creativity,
alcohol and drugs lessen your awareness
of your happiness.
keep you from happiness.
feeling god comes naturally
when you dont fear anything.
god is true happiness inside you. in everything you do.
key to finding presence is having the perfect balance.
i come to bring world peace.
and change relationship/life education.
start my psychology and political blog too.
i dont strive for my great happiness i strive to bring the most value.
i never doubted i  could have an amazing marriage.
i doubted i could bring world peace.
that doubt is over.
i will compromise on everything except these values.
government should do as little as possible except these 3 purposes.
government should stay out of our way.
except in keeping us safe, moral, and free.
free market.
loving families.
Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

my goals:
end hunger.
end war.
basic human needs for all humanity.
work up from there.

preventative medicine not socialized medicine.
im in favor of a preventative socialized medicine.
but im not paying for people who messed up their health.

school reform is my platform. make school fun.
my political career then my book and website the whole time.

i wanna be sipping the tea cup. always. when giving presentations.
i know im doing well when im sitting down sipping cup. this is good public speaking.
helping them find it themselves. accelerated growth. your experience means nothing to me.
make it personal for them.
i cant live on earth with these people.
sad disconnected people.
fear filled people.
i can hear their inauthenticity.
i will rip out fear wherever i go.
fear should never be in your mind.
excitement? yes. fear no.
get paid for your value, not your time.
a man should never feel fear.
but a lot of excitement.
i cant wait to get to heaven.
i wanna go and not look back.
these people on earth are so sad.
all fear and its all irrational.
all fear is irrational.
nothing should be feared only understood.
when im with nature, the beastly animals, i feel god.
i feel god taming lions.
start a failure board.
list my failures on my way to becoming President.
but i will have a fricken epic life.
with my family, alex, and the world.
but i will risk many things to get there and thats ok.
god protects those who do not fear.
fear causes death.
the joy comes from life in overcoming.
i really understand peoples motivations now.
what fears they are hiding.
i see it clear as day.
fears of failure men hide.
fear of being loved or beautiful women hide.
true trainers hold a cup of tea.
summarize life:
born perfect.
born happy. no fears.
then we meet people.
filled with fear.
that gets onto the baby.
fear gets onto the baby.
if u go out into nature u can be happy.
go to harvard.
study psychology.
transfer to harvard.
get 100% grades.
i want to debate at harvard.
have fun with website all day. be a great writer.

phone notes:

the secret to life is joy and success not fear and debt.
wow my relationship with god is so deep so real. epic night in the wind and beach.
i feel no pressure. i have fun i have my motviation. i have god with me.
my understandings of the principle is so deep so real. i live it i dont believe it.
the important thing is i can now share my growth with others.
i can solve problems now with my understanding.
i bring love and joy and support wherever i go. i raise the energy level in any situation.
i know i can handle any situation now. i can proudly say your beautiful to any woman and you have what it takes to every man. this is gonna be crazy life baby.
im heading on a journey to great success and i want to blog my way.
i sacrifice material wealth and safety for joy and success.
come unite the world. i am a uniter.
give unconditional love. develop parental heart. no pressure or fear. live up to perfect standards. love yourself. and others unconditionally. i know your living principle if your lovin life! in jin nim really knows principle well. external reflects internal. if you love fundraising people will see that. principle is not  a belief its a lifestyle. its not a faith its something i live by. there are people who live the principle more than others. its all about receiving unconditional love from god.2nd gen teach principle dont learn it.
u should love what you do. the more you love it the more money you will make. this is the principle. its from your heart.
there are atheist who are closer to god then some christians even some moonies. they live the principle better than we do. many people joined the movement to take from it. they depend on it. true father lives the principle completely. he created heaven on earth and some people use it. some successful people love their job but have bad relationships. some poor people have great relationships but dont love their job. people who live by the principle are successful and have good relationships. the movement itself is not the principle. i can tell you how well you kow principle by how much you love your job and how good your relationships are.
im not afraid im excited.
i cant WAIT for the challenge.
i start preparing NOW.
be a political uniter. i love politics but my true passion is helping others conquer their fear of failure.
inspired in any situation. i thot i had that but not totally. by achieving this ia lso achieved inspiring in any situation.
doubters live. a principled man will never doubt your big dream.
most of the great people are christians. who really have their own relationship with god. they love god. god is great. if you work hard he will give you what you want. you have to earn all of it.
i will become a great writer.
writer,psychologist, nature boy, speaker, politician, entrepreneur.
i will be the best fundraiser ever. wont stop until i hit constant 1000s. men are the best fundraises. no excuses.
if im not breaking 1000 its my fault. im not offering value enough.
i used to think well if more people donate i will make more. but actually its my fault if im not making money.
this is the attitude of kings.
slave of slave, then slave then trainer then master than king than king of kings.
every mans fear holds him back while fundraising . mine was fear of failure and rejection but its solved baby.
my growth and understanding is so much deeper now. 
i could have been the best musician, artist, engineer, scientist, athlete or gamer ever. but i choose politics be the greatest uniter since george washington. obama had an agenda. my only agenda is whats best for america. to solve the human problem. change education in america change the culture. end fear of failure by high school.i love politics it comes naturally to me. i see it differently than others.
we are following the trend of the roaring 20s then the pressure of the 30s where we fear we cant maintain that same level of success. it comes after the world wars. great war brings great success.
world war 1 brought the 20s. world war 2 brought the 50s. somehow without war we lose our motivation. we get comfortable and complacent, the 2 darkest words in american history. our economy works in balance.
the more successful we are and the more we reach our dreams, the more that opens the way for immigrants to come and take the jobs we dont want. we welcome them. the only reason we dont want them now is that we arent reaching our potential. we allow immigrants in to do the jobs we dont want to. go into polticis public speaking explain this truth.
you wanna be a great director? go out and make a movie. idc how horrible it is. now you are a director. if you dont take action you will never get there. go shoot 100 movies.
politics is my passion. but psycholigy is more important, id rather solve the human problems. u need to do psychology. i can teach you eveyrthing. im gonna do both. psychology and politics. my 2 passions. political leader gives me more power than a psychologist but i will do that as well. make huge psychology breakthroughs. i am the greatest psychologist.
if you know the principle you can solve psychology very easily. i will do this as well as politics in business. i teach i dont learn from universities. i know so little yet more than them i want to marry a psychologist so i can help her be the leader in her field and make so many breakthroughs. psychology is the key. once we can change psychology we can change the world.
my mission work with 2nd gen psychologists to solve the human mind. while i become a political leader.
psychology solves the problems of understanding the human mind. i know it very well. i could change my major but i love politics also. ill do both. i dont want to practice modern psychology i want to create my own.
everything in fear we develop growing up. first step is conquering fear of failure. a true man is always  a child.
an honest man is alwaysa  child. we teach about helping others but fear of failure has to come as well.
go into psychology. write my own theory and put them into practice and watch the magic happen. change lives. then go into politics and tech this in high schools. yes it makes sense now. fear of failure fear of judgement fear of negletion. trace the fear solve the problem. i can end nature versus nurture debate today. 
 im gonna go into psychology. blow everyone away then go into politics or politics first and psychology as a side project. well see. my passion was psychology but i didnt want to practice i wanted to study. thats it do my own studies nga was my studies ive cracked the human mind. people think in terms of fair but life is not fair it nevr is. this would solve half the problems people face. also people need to be right all the time will be miserable. psychology is a mindset. freedom to fail learn and grow. too much pressure to go out on your own.
solve all psychology biggest questions. how to be happy and reach your potential. solve political science question. how to get things moving. get the government moving solving problems and keep the free market running. study psych at asu. promising leader solving all the biggest questions. im not teaching a religion so people will totally accept me. millionaire mind knows it too. socrates plato and others knew it.we all have different experiences and different personalites but the human spirit is the same. forget politics im going into neuroscience. i will answer all their questions about human behavior. babies are born happy. growing up we get scars that cause fear. everyone has 2 paths. their truth path which is a huge competition and a battle for greatness, and their mediocre path which will live them unfulfilled. to find this just ask what you would do if you knew you could not fail and give every ounce of your being to it. start with a couple hours a week, until you can make it work that it becomes your career. dont give up on it because your not good yet. if children grew up with any kind of fear that fear stays inside the only way to get it out is a  lot of work. in a bubble of love a perfectly happy person would be born. a perfectly happy loving person. what would we do in heaven. everything is provided no one is hungry. everyone is happy. we would do whatever we wanted people go where they comfortable. my life is so good it just doesnt make sense not to live eternally. my greatest contribution will be my kids. the biggest reason people dont reach their potential is fear of failure. god is within man. if you dont want to slip up tomorrow speak up today. study successful people study great people and they live for others. spontaneity rules. difficulty is whee opportunity inspire young leaders. fundraising confidently love people give them some real value neuroscience show what i know politics unite them master of speeches public speaking. jump into it. just dont think about it. i can always change. life for others. we develop concepts from childhood from society. the key is breaking the fear based concepts we develop. i know i know nothing but the little i do know can change understanding of principle is so deep. i know what to throw out and what to keep but i learn more every day. everyone knows their purpose its hidden under a huge fear of failure or societal pressure the closer you are to this purpose the higher your quality of life will be. its a high goal so you have to be willing to do whatever it takes to get there it will be a lot of work but hella fun my understanding may be deeper than anyone else. the biggest problem in neuroscience is they dont know what to throw away whats good info and whats bad i will help them move forward. i know whats true and whats not this is my calling. i can truely heal. your purpose always changes your purpose is always to do the most good you can in the world. so this changes all the time when you feel like you can do no good in the world you have no purpose you want to end your life so many fears. what do you fear deeply? this holds the key to neuroscience we develop irrational fears as children we create a false self. so how do i solve the problems of value? deep love and sharing thats the only way connect brain readers and read peoples brains locate their hidden fears and help them overcome this is the only way. complete utter brutal honesty is the only way to conquer your fears. you have to completely open share your deepest fear that you would never share with anyone only then can you truely be set free. sharing your deepest heart. share your journals wit others only then can you be set free. keep an honest journal that is completely honest and you are willing to share with others. this is the only way to truely find god. the fall caused us to hide you ahve to be completely honest and share your deepest heart with others if you want to be free. but only with somone who can handle it. someone who isw illing to share their deepest heart with you. this is how the human connection is supposd to be. this deep. dont share about your past action tho, only your present fears. i take responsibility for everything i interact with my job is to make it best as possible this is the parental heart. you will achieve any goal you set that you are passionate about passion goals my life is a self fulfilling prophecy. because this world is fallen it will be restored. people need to know my heart. when fundraising try to make a sale to every person if i dont i fail. great men do great things for others. ive grown my heart so much and my fear of failure erased. nature is who we would have become if we grew up in a fear free environment. nurture is the fears we develop that keep us from reaching our potential. the key is getting rid of those fears. public speaking is the first fear everyone needes to get over and procrastination,. these both show huge fears of failure. i can tell how much fear o f failure you have if you are not completely comfortable with people or public speaking. if you procrastinate i can tell you have a big fear of failure. there are keys. im so confident i could give  a talk anytime. without fear and be completely comfortable on any topic and speak with such fire, because of what  i know. decsion point, can i do more good in politics or psychology . both. psychology needs funding most important science link t harv eker with psychology while i do politics. 
if your looking for a safe secure marriage this isnt for you. i need at least 8 kids and i live freely. i will be wildly successful but there will need sacrifices to be made maybe in the beginning. if your looking for a ton of fun and a great adventure then come on over. if your looking for a safe life please dont marry me. subconscious is key. drives everything we do.its about presence not balance. i totally agree. staying present meaning improving every situation your in. even difficult ones. prove the principle is true by measuring joy. or becoming president and changing education culture and ending fear. im not a genius im just willing to fail over and over until i succeed its who wants it more.i never stop questioning. passionate curisouity. its the journey thats fun for me. not the end result. i dont care what i become as long i have fun getting there. a mans purpose is always his highest value. which  is directly proportional to his heart. bigger your heart more potential you have. this is why 2nd gen have so much potential our fear is of failure. honesty is comedy. humor in everything. if u can resolve everything u can be happy its not your fault get evertything out.  this is healing. a mans purpose is his greatest value. summer program. what would you do if you knew you could not fail. write it down now take 5 minutes and write down every reason why you cannt achieve this if you worked for it. every single day of your life. dont wait for school to end to start learning. i can do anbything i set my mind to. your holding in resentment. get it all out before you get married. wife willing to do anything for god i want this heart have at least 8 kids i willl make a lot of money but not always offer my strength and the woman will follow this is true romance. man is always subject if i list these out a woman will do it if i a man is willing the woman will follow if the man is willing to guide her. translate dp into common english. humor through struggle. 
i see everything as restoration following your heart. every 2nd gen should be in harvard. principle is clear language. bible explained. GQ men. i would rather die risking happiness then live a life not my own.
everyone has different levels of physical attractiveness eccentuated by confidence. real man every woman flirts with me subconciously physical attraction reflects internal confidence. im confident of all my flaws i show them proudly. show your flaws produly. flaunt your flaws not your strengths. dont should on yourselves or othes only encourage them and tell them why with love. i believe this. i have so much clarity i see the solution of every problem now i see the matrix. im not smarter than anyone i just never give up ona  problem until its solved.
i wanna go into politics but im delaying that because my psychology studies are more important.enemies just lack love.i know when somones singing they are hiding or speaking in stories they are hiding. kids need to release fear break concepts. go into psychology and answer every question they have. the greatest man knows how little yet how much he knows.create bboard add new social networking to my site customize it what are my deepest fears im working to overcome whats my passion what would i do if i knewi couldnt fail total support. what will i do that i used to fear. i will find my value to add. everything good and bad is my fault. speed up modern song sand rap to them. give up free time to find success. then have more free time. ethan anderson actor politician psychologist entreprenuer web designer.critics need perfect actors i dont.
greatest wisdom is to forgive unconditionally because your anger only holds you back. government has 3 jobs keep us safe morald keep the free market. cant wait to get into politics. case by case. im unhappy when im wasting time if im not productive im not happy.must fulfill all woman needs. get 3 nice suits. make up is disgusting womens unique flaws are what make them beautiful. write a summary on how to live dp. establish peace work on website global peace first while working on my site and blog then talk. every relationship problem comes from the deep root of fear. mans fear of failure. women test men to make sure. what would you do.what am i gonna do without vitality? i still gotta do it. then i gain it back. everyone has their dream job with lots of competition and their safe job with no competition and no fun the tragedy is most people never try. spirit cleanse get out all fear and resentment give it to me 100% healer. study from that quantam physics guy. everyone has 2 life paths safe or fun. i see relationships world as the matrix i see it now. anticipate the needs of others. always allow a woman do all of my grooming and style. get a haircut.
matching ready to take the challenge of loving the hardest person. women ready when she knows her beauty and she is confident in all her flaws. ready for the blessing. if your not there yet this is where you need to be. the blessing can get you here if you keep these goals in mind. work on it. my wife willing and ready for anything for god. including raising at least 8 heavenly children. willing to live anywhere. not gonna be a fallen lifestyle. if your looking for a secure future living in a small home. this isnt for you. but it comes with a price. there will be challenges. you have to be able to trust me. that we will make it through. people are jealous of success.  we fear extinction not failure we fear something will happen that we wont bounce back from. equal opportunity. if your not comfortable giving a speech to the world then you need to work on it. reinvent music and wardrobe. building process. take it day by day. donate and integrate clothing let the old go. sincerity looks good . confidence can afford it. get lasik. my style is matching alex's. real estate online business. original personal growth. link building. keep posting new content add new topics personal blog add as a topic content figure blog page rwanda. write great link building. figure out ow to add blog apge. write my own. pass ujp to number 2. likk build all day long own the internet handle all relationship advice better and better new topics new content. my job will be link building all day. create my facebook tumble everyting for my site and personal growth. 7$ bus write a receipt. my value is so great. use notebooks for content. update blog frequently. i lvie in heaven . my job is to bring to earth as best i can. keep building my site every day . 3-4 months to get to number 2. then work up from there i will love my job. working at home writing great content using my mind. im a brilliant writer now. my value is so amazing. also i will become brilliant speaker and politician changing this world. hire writers eventually. do it the right way. 33,000 monthly searches could find me. google works by spiders finding trustworthy sites. 1 top keyword then 9 sub topics. find a job where they pay you for your value not for the hours you work. if americans can reach their potential we can have more immigrants come in and take the jobs we dont want but we arent filling our potential. my generation has huge potential but we arent reaching it we fear failure but why? all of us are made to be great stop wasting time and follow your dreams. video games are a waste. unless they are just a small social part of your life. there not bad its how you use it. i keep my personal blog for examples on what i do every day so you guys learn exactly what a realistic life is like.
i keep my personal blog for examples of what i do every day so you guys can learn exactly what a realistic life is like.

principle is something to be lived not to be read. something to be taught not studied. keep my website inspiring to everyone no polarizing viewpoints. gay people need the most love not discrimination.
work under other healer if i need a job.
gay people need understanding hating or discrimination doesnt help anyone no talk about religion at all its like tf autobiogaphy but no messiah no offensive true father was the messiah yes but the world needs to learn the principle he doesnt need recognition dont think he wants it. haters hate cuz they have no love work on my music sped up songs with my beats. give this itouch to alex get iphone. blog my life as well interesting blog my steps to becoming president. every obstacle and how i overcame it. confdeint in any situation aha i have to provided value to get paid. i was confident in myself but i wasnt focusing on giving them value. this is good fundraising. be a web staple i know i will be i always have something good to say. core teachings. action steps. current events. explain all big current events to people establish a huge following register? whats that.
style is simple its knowing what goes with what and waht looks good. sincerity has an eye for style on themselves. my site will be number 1. im gonna be a writer. get into the pop music scene. i wanna be a writer and do psychology and politics. official ethan site and wiki eventually. buffalo exchange always.i run my business out ofmy ipod. goodwill and buffalo excahnge. clothes represent who you are gotta be confident.
rebuilding phase im rebuilding wardrobe. new clothes cold wash hang on line. i ahve ajob im a writer and my website. done baby. im a brilliant writer i dont write fiction either .i have no idea what i will accomplish in life all i know is i will have a lot of fun whatever i do. my style has to much i ahve to look super fly. more stylish smarter stronger than oters for god. i never doubted i could have the best marriage i only doubted she would be happy with me. thats over. i need friends to help me. like harry potter. donate all my clothes and go to buffalo all day. one thing missing my nice suits. under shirts gotta be an important person. integrate into my wardrobe slowly change as i earn more and more. gotta have fun at school with anyone. just be happy and friendly and successful. link build link build pass up in 2-3 months. include diapers in food stamp.s have your head in the sky but be fullly present. get into harvard u have to be super human. love everything. and confident in anything. get into pop music.summer program still need to work. women are so insightful they take care of stuff.
my life plan change asu forever to greatest university in america president of asu lets make college fun again then political career, website also then president of US then step down to work on psychology then come back as president. buy a vespa right the light rail ask parents for ar simplify your life. what you own owns you.
asu speech: why are u guys here? what are u guys doing for a better world? lets make this the greatest university. why not? lets have fun. be laughing in debates but own the debate. i love in jin nim i really connect with her she has a good heart. i wouldnt want anyone else leading america she says basically what i would say in sermons. i have a life now still football tv and xbox but a life to go with it perfection doesnt mean you never stumble it means you never give up. politics and psychology and science. forget marketing. politics natural my dads a politician very moderate i just wanna get things done. how about preventative medicine. end obesity. daily exercise mandatory. eating healthy mandatory daily meditation mandatary. my public schools will be a place of excellence. and fun. great political leader. leaders always believe in improvement. leaders never give up no matter what leaders do wahtever it takes to reach the goal. schools. altruism education cahracter education meditiation. exercise nutrition and financial planning. entrepreneurial training. old school model for a new world. if our kids dont like our schools we arent doing it right. were using old high school techniques like memorizing facts. lets make it fun edutainment. parents please dont let me work at a part time job again. i hate it. work on global politics. return to nature. if your a good parent and you already do these things then why fear the law? it wont make a difference to you. fear mongering needs to end. jar money system invest never work again. only after youve lost everything are you free to do anything. bring back sweet presents from africa. they say 20 you say 5. i wanna be on the cutting edges. forget a life of material ill never know until i try make god proud just cant wait to get home with my family and have children. a lot of children. read the bible. write a book to go along with my site. sell online. be laughing during debates. win the heart of america. completely positive and loving. i wanna be a force for good. i have to. rich people are excellent money managers. invest invest invest. 
gotta be looking gq at church
and when giving talks
dont settle for music i dont absolute love
fix my ipod to put only my tastes
make it my ipod
constant process of adding and deleting and fixing
until its done. after nga spend a whole day on it.
your music becomes who you are.
if you change the music you listen to you become that person.
also you pick the music that matchs your heart. it works both ways.
both things affect each other.
a man with a clean ipod knows what he wants.
a real man is so passionate about his work, he gets all small tasks done quickly.
a real man is constantly improving his warddrobe and music library.
a real man loves all people with no fear.
a real man doesnt fear death, but wants to achieve everything he can before he leaves.
a real man's word is law. when he says something it becomes law.
start building my wardrobe, with my blessing suit
music taste should never be the same as others
high energy positive music.danger music. if ppl hear it they like it more
experts help me do things i dont know well yet
homeschool my kids. or open honesty.
my kids be fearless and happy every day.
i see the signs i know whats wrong
you should be running the school
teaching the kids about god's love
my little warrior. gods champion.
im committed but i wsnt sure if she was now i know what to do.
its all about god. teach to my kids.
god is real. hes in me. i can feel it and i love it.
LET THE PAST be the past the key to happiness is to be open and honest about the future and present.
find god be completely open. without fear.
music keeps me sane int he fallen world
7 words. Is that the best you can do?
surround yourslef with successful people or you will have to raise the levels of everyone around you.
if you want to be successful read the quotes of rich people and live by them.
if you wanna be mediocre listen to the people around you.
i wanna be the best fundraiser ever.
i will learn i will fail i will try again.
beat 500 average.
break 1000
great presidents leaders booost the economy
i never tried to run for office or anything
so how do i know i wouldnt be loved
chemistry is learning how to work together and fill everyones needs
your kids learn from who you are not what you tell them
so be the person you want to be for them.
kids are like animals they sense fear.
babies are like nature. they sense fear.
they dont have any walls.
they see authenticity.
they can sense your mood.
babies have no fear.
why would they.
its a completely new world no reason to fear.
when your dad lives the principle, anything can be overcome.
and is fearless.
i love my team.
i would love any team
all of them would help me grow in different ways.
never work part time again.
work on web building
and writing
and politics,psychology career.
what you own, owns you


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